Furukawa Makoto and Suzuki Ryota want to make cookies.


The 2nd season for the TV anime, Kaguya-sama: Love is War, based on Akasaka Aka’s manga will start airing from April. Comic Natalie who has brought us interviews with Akasaka and the cast members, presents the 3rd interview in the series in conjunction with White Day, a special feature with Shirogane Miyuki’s voice actor, Furukawa Makoto and Ishigami Yuu’s voice actor, Suzuki Ryota. Let’s take a look at the creations of both of them who do not usually cook.













──How was it like to make cookies for this special feature in conjunction with White Day?

Furukawa (Makoto): I’m beat (lol). It’s really exhausting to make sweets.

Suzuki (Ryota): No kidding, I used up so much of my strength.

Furukawa: You know how girls make chocolates for Valentine’s Day? I’m shuddering at the thought of having to make chocolate cookies. We would need to do an additional process of melting the chocolate for the coating. Girls are really amazing in that sense.

Suzuki: That’s definitely the power of love.

──Does either of you cook on a regular basis?

Furukawa: Sometimes, I’d make fried rice when I feel like it. I usually eat out or get takeaways.

Suzuki: I don’t cook at all.

Furukawa: Have you ever felt an urge to cook?

Suzuki: Not at all (lol).

──I’m going to change the topic here. What if you could receive chocolate from a female character in Kaguya-sama– who would you choose?

Suzuki: That’s a difficult one. But… I’m going with Miko (Iino). I like her. She gives off an impression of not having any interest in the guys around her, so you wouldn’t expect to get any chocolates from her. So I’ll be over the moon if I get chocolate from her.

Furukawa: Kaguya for me. But I’d think there is a hidden intention behind that (lol).

Suzuki: True.

Furukawa: I want chocolates from Kaguya, but at the same time, I think it will be fun to get from Herthaka too.


Suzuki: That would definitely be delicious.

Furukawa: Without a doubt, her skills are top notch and just like Kaguya, you are going to wonder if she had any hidden intention when giving it to you, but I feel that it is going to be quite the thrill.

Part 2

Interview/text: Miyazu Tomonori
Photos: Irie Tatsuya

This interview was published at Comic Natalie on 13 March 2020. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners.


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