Let’s get teased by Takagi-san together!

“Let’s get teased by Takagi-san together!” – Takahashi Rie & Ōhara Yuiko who were immersed in their middle school club activities


In a certain middle school, there is a girl named Takagi-san, who sits beside a boy named Nishikata, this story is Skilled Teaser Takagi-san, where Nishikata tries to get back at Takagi-san’s teases. With the change of seasons, they are now 2nd year students, and the “battle of teasing” continues in the 2nd season which will be aired on AT-X and other platforms. Today, we got the voice actor for Takagi-san, Takahashi Rie and the opening theme performer, Ōhara Yuiko for an interview regarding the series and the song.

(C)2019 Yamamoto Sōichirō / Shogakukan / Skilled Teaser Takagi-san 2 Production Committee 

――What were your thoughts when you heard the news about season 2.

Takahashi: Since I haven’t heard from my manager, I saw Nishikata’s voice actor, Kaji (Yuki)-san in the studios for one of my jobs, and when he said this to me, “Takagi-san, you are gonna do the 2nd season heh.”, I honestly thought he was teasing me and didn’t believe his words.

Ōhara: My reaction was that of a fan, “There’s gonna be a 2nd season. Yay!” At that time, I also heard that I will be singing the theme song again, and feelings of “Is it really okay!? What type of song should I write next?” came to my mind. 


――Ōhara-san, as for the essence from the series itself, what did you want to incorporate into the song? 

Ōhara: I was thinking if I had set too high of a hurdle with the opening theme for the 1st season, Iwanai kedo ne (lit: But I won’t say it). While making the song, I was thinking of how to grasp the hearts of those who watched the 1st season, and thought of including a memorable phrase into the song. Also, I wanted to carry Takagi-san’s feelings from the 1st season onto the 2nd season, so I put in that taste and added “Eraser” from the 1st season into the lyrics of the song. 

――How about you, Takahashi-san, have you listened to the opening theme for 2nd season yet? 

Takahashi: I only got to hear the TV size version so far, and can’t wait to hear the full version soon. I’m already singing the lyrics to the song! Also, the inclusion of Zero Centimeters in the 2nd PV for the anime was just perfect, and packed tremendous destructive power. I think it’s great as an opening theme and as an insert song.

――100% Unrequited Love first appeared in the 1st season’s episode 4: Cold. I heard that this will be returning in the second season as well. 

Takahashi: That’s right! 100% Unrequited Love has quite a number of occurrences in the 2nd season. It makes me feel that Kyunko and Ikeo are really well loved by everyone. 

Ōhara: When the mini series first appeared in the anime, I was watching it in real time and browsing Twitter for reactions, and read many fans commenting that the scenes were “yabai (amazing)”. (Laughs) 

(C)2019 Yamamoto Sōichirō / Shogakukan / Skilled Teaser Takagi-san 2 Production Committee 

――What kind of girls were both of you like during middle school?

Takahashi: I was engrossed in club activities and the student council. I was in the tennis club, but since I wasn’t a regular, I joined the student council (laughs). I love events so I was super enthusiastic for class activities as well. 

Ōhara: I was in the orchestra club. At that time, my assignment was playing the violin, and as I played the instrument, I kept looking at the guy I was interested in working diligently. 

Takahashi: Ah, that’s youth for you! 

――Lastly, can you leave a message for everyone who is looking forward to the anime? 

Takahashi: The 2nd season will pick up from where the 1st season left off, and dash towards the wonders of youth in an unstinting manner, so don’t miss out on a single episode, and if possible, please watch it in real time and get teased by Takagi-san! Thank you. 

Ōhara: As one of the fans, I have been looking forward to this along with everyone else. I intend to enjoy it in real time, and I hope that everyone enjoys the opening theme too. Let’s get teased together! 

Text: Nakamura Mika

This interview was published at HOMINIS on 7 July 2019. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners.

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