Q&A with Kohara Konomi (23/3/19)

Kohara Konomi does a Q&A on IG every now and then. Do check out the previous ones here! Also, she answers some questions that are written in foreign languages. For those questions and answers, I did not translate them and left them as they are. They are indicated in MAROON.

53340367_2545741222162591_6159635512438560615_n.jpgQ: It’s my birthday today!

A: Ehhhh!!! Congrats! Ah, it has already passed. Happy belated birthday ✨ Have a wonderful year ahead.

Q: Thank you. This is the moment I feel most relaxed.

A: Ah, saying something like that! It makes me embarrassed that my words can stir up such emotions lol. I’m really doing it at my own pace, so knowing that people enjoy them really makes me happy ゚(/□\*) Please let me thank you instead.

Q: Koko-chan’s IG live was so fun!

A: Really? Yay (*´꒳`*) I started doing it because I was trying to find more places that I can thank everyone, but now it has become such a heartwarming place thanks to everyone. Originally, as an actor, I should be using this place as a way to advertise myself (That should have been the correct way lol), but I didn’t want to head into that direction, and just slowly enjoy what I have here. In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, I believe that everyone got something different going on. When I open up my IG, I let out a little chuckle when I see messages like “Koko-chan is drinking milk again lol”, or stuff like “Koko-chan seems to be working hard now, I shall do the same too.”, I feel happy when I see things like this. Through the comments and DM, I get reports on everyone’s daily lives, happenings, worries and all sorts of conversations. Even though I can’t reply directly to everyone, I’m still supporting everyone, and properly reading your messages. Let’s continue to make this a warm place for everyone. I wonder if I can do an event someday….like <Relaxing Koko room> ….Sounds lame huh lol. hehehe

Q: What kind of person is Koko-chan’s mum like?

A: She’s an interesting person! Even though I said that, she is gentle, and someone whose heart doesn’t sway. She always listens to me when I have worries, get lost, or feel troubled, and always share with me the right way to do things. In a sense, you can say that she’s strict. And a person who doesn’t sway. My mum is still the same from the time before I debuted and the present. Although she’s happy to hear news of my job, she is more composed person than me and will think objectively about the situation. That’s why she would tell me “I’m happy for you.” but not things like “That’s amazing!”. I was really taken aback when she first told me “Once you forget about gratitude, you are nothing but a scum.” But now, I really like those words. But let me tell you, she’s really funny lol. The way I speak and laugh is passed down from her, and I feel that my grandma was the same too. Also, she is skilled with her fingers, good at drawing. Why did I not inherit those properties too…lol

Q: What kind of person is Koko-chan’s dad like?

A: I didn’t really talk much about him before. He is firm when he’s outside, but actually he laughs quite often at home. Also, he’s a very smart and knowledgeable man. He can always be depended on when I come across things I don’t know about. When he gets told that he looks imposing, he feels rather happy about that lol. Isn’t that funny? I think he will get angry if I write something like this, but he really takes care of mum. I’ve never seen him get angry or complain to mum. He’d always buy cake back for their wedding anniversary. He likes cooking and is good at it. Both of their hobbies are gardening so they often tend to the garden on their off days. He writes to me from time to time too, and I would describe him as a gentle family man.

Q: What kind of person is Koko-chan’s younger bro like?

A: If I were to describe him in a line, I would say he’s much better than me in all aspects. Really. It’s embarrassing to say this, but although we are 10 years apart in age, I quarreled with him frequently when we were younger lol. It’s more of me getting angry than a fight though. I was just an kid full of angst. And because he saw my parents got angry at me at a young age, he mellowed faster. Good for you heh? It’s thanks to big sis lol. He’d always call out “Sis, sis.” When I was still staying at my parents home while commuting to work, he’d always rush out to welcome me back home. Lol. We still talk on the phone often~

Q: Do you like your family?

A: Of course! I love them. But I think it’s because that I’m at this age now, that I can say something like this. It’s too embarrassing to say something like that when I was in school lol. That period has already passed heh. Even though whatever I have written about my family so far feels like a sparkling home drama, we are really your next door family. And, the family member that completes our family is Kuu (my black cat). He really makes me relaxed ✨ All of you cat lovers are the same too right? Just being there makes it better. He’s the most well behaved of my family. Lol.

Q: Are your grandpa and grandma happy with what you are doing now?

A: I hope so… Actually, they are in heaven now. So I hope they will be happy to see it. But they doted on me back then, so I’m sure they will be glad. Sometimes I will visit their graves and tell them how I am doing. Everyone, please be filial towards your grandparents.

Q: “People who can’t feel gratitude are scums!” That quote was passed down by your mum, right? Do you have any other quotes like this to share?

A: That definitely is her signature quote. She said it out smoothly, so she doesn’t have much recollection of that lol. Another one what I’ve mentioned before is “Words are really amazing right? Kotodama* is exists after all. In words, souls dwell in them and they can influence people. You use your voice for your job, so please treasure it well” I have to treasure these words too.

*Kotodama (言霊) refers to the Japanese belief that mystical powers dwell in words and names. English translations include “soul of language”, “spirit of language”, “power of language”, “power word”, “magic word”, and “sacred sound”. The notion of kotodama presupposes that sounds can magically affect objects, and that ritual word usages can influence our environment, body, mind, and soul.

This Q&A was first published on 23 March 2019 on Instagram. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners.


53789009_378484909370415_6653562951660448966_n.jpgQ: What do you think about guys who can cook?

A: I think it’s good! Sounds fantastic ( *´艸`) Please teach me too… Lol

Q: What type of style do you like for guys?

A: Are you talking about fashion? I love people who dress simply. It will be nice if he can make himself presentable. But I don’t have any preferences.

Q: What are the types of guys you like? And how about types that you dislike?

A: People who have compassion, work hard, and can say “Thank you” and “Sorry” truthfully. I dislike people who only care about themselves, and people who don’t hesitate to hurt others.

Q: You’re a S* right?

A: What did you base that on!? Lol but I can’t really deny that. It’s pretty much out in the open when you hear me messing around with Zucchi on Yuzuraji and Ao-chan on KokuRadio. Lol but to be exact, I’m a mixture of both types. Hahaha.

*S here refers to Sado in Sado-masochism. This term, S or M, is commonly used in Japan now to describe personalities rather than its sexual definition.

Q: Do you prefer younger or older?

A: I don’t think too much about ages. I think I can go with either too!

Q: Where would you go on a date?

A: I don’t have any preferences. Just being together is good enough for me. It could be just taking a stroll together in the nearby park, or just having ramen in the neighbourhood.

Q: I got dumped by my girlfriend recently. Please console me. Cries.

A: You’re feeling sad right now right? I think it’s okay to be depressed. But after you more or less regain your composure, I think it’s good to think whether you were at fault for anything. By the time you fall in love again, you would have grown as a person. If you don’t, then there is no meaning in falling out of love (´••) For now, just focus on recovering back your energy, sleep lots, eat plenty of good food, hang out with friends and just relax.

Q: What do you think of guys who wear accessories?

A: I think it’s fine if they match well with their outfits. It’s fashionable. I think it’s quite nice to have a piercing on one ear.

Q: I’m going to Hawaii for my wedding ceremony next month! Has Koko-chan gone overseas before?

A: C-O-N-G-R-A-T-S!!!! Thank you for the wonderful news. And you only just turned 25 the other day right ✨ congrats. Please have a great party ahead (●´人`●) I haven’t gone overseas before. There were many questions like this. I hope to be able to do it for work some day!

Q: When you feel like you can’t suppress your anger, how do you calm yourself down?

A: I can suppress most of it, but if I can’t forgive that person, I will use words to express my anger if I’m older.  It’s just that it isn’t so good to develop negative thinking like this. Hurting people, you will understand right away if you see an irresponsible person. I too, get angry when I’m angry.

Q: Isn’t Koga Aoi-san just so adorable?

A: Yes, she’s cute. When the question about the seiyuu that I’m close to came up earlier, I was thinking about writing her name in, by working with her like this, I decided that I’m her boyfriend. Lol she’s the same be it during the radio show or during private life. Isn’t that adorable? She’s too cute 💕

Q: Are you aware that you are the hot topic recently? I’ve known you since Tsuki ga Kirei so I get lonely because I feel that you have gotten a bit distant.

A: There’s nothing like that so I’m not feeling any awareness here! I’m happy that I’ve gotten more opportunities to get to know people’s names. But I want to state something here. I’m still the same person. I haven’t gone somewhere far away at all. I hate those types the most, and my mum always reminds me to not become a person like that. I’ve been the same person since Tsuki ga Kirei. Moving on, I appreciate your support as always.

Q: Does getting female fans make you happy? 😢

A: That’s an obvious yes ✨ I’m really happy!! I grin to myself when I see female fans at events or when I found some on Instagram (●´ー`●) Thank you everyone, for your comments each time. Moving on, even though it’s someone like me, let’s get along well too.

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This Q&A was first published on 23 March 2019 on Instagram. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners.

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