Q&A with Kohara Konomi (22/3/19)

Kohara Konomi does a Q&A on IG every now and then. Do check out the previous ones here! Also, she answers some questions that are written in foreign languages. For those questions and answers, I did not translate them and left them as they are. They are indicated in MAROON.

54266360_2148192025491509_8657344315306417138_n.jpgQ: What made your day recently?

A: It has to be the fan meet event for Kaguya sama ♫ It was one of my wishes after all ✨ Being able to look at each and everyone in the eyes and talk was a real blessing. I hope I can do an event like that again.

Q: What do you do to turn your mood around?

A: Hmm. Look at news on my phone, browse Pinterest and look at photos. Getting ideas from looking at them is fun!

Q: What characteristics do you think you share with Hagoromo Lala (Star☆Twinkle PreCure)?

A: Her bright personality maybe… Ah! We love eating onigiri! 🍙 Will I get to eat with her one day… Lol

Q: Do you have a a daily routine to follow ?

A: I don’t have any particular preferences when it comes to this lol. I love bathing my body in the warm morning sunlight, then changing the water for the flower vase, and enjoy a cup of coffee… something like that lol. Bet you think that doesn’t feel like me right? Lol

Q: Do you pay attention to any specific detail when voicing your characters?

A: Inserting the character’s personality into my mind, but doing that properly isn’t straightforward. I form the image of the character inside my mind and discuss it together with the director at the studio.

Q: I love your voice~ Do you have a favourite hero or heroine?

A: Thank you. That makes me happy. (cries) My favourite hero is Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke! There isn’t such a person in reality right… ✨ lol. As for heroine, which also can be classified as a hero, Sailor Moon. It’s one of my favourite anime.

Q: What are your wishes?

A: Hmm… I didn’t really think of my own wishes. But every time I go to Kawagoe, I would make sure to wish for “Everyone to be happy”. Of course, I’m happy too ✨It may feel like “I’m pretending to be a good girl!” but I really wish for that! Lol

Q: What are the things you take note when meeting people?

A: Do not be rude to them, don’t do things that you wouldn’t want others to do to you. Also, always remember what your parents have taught you like “Gratitude” for example.

Q: When your favourite series end, how do you get over that loss?

A: You will get lonely whenever something is over. That’s the same for me. But, there is something new next time! And, there could be a sequel in the works! And just pray for that to happen! Lol

Q: What was the most memorable story from all the events you took part in last year?

A: It has to be the fan meet (Kaguya sama). It was fun and went by in a flash. There were some people who said to me “I’m sorry that I couldn’t talk to you properly!”, but that really wasn’t the case. Even trivial things are fine. As long as we got to talk, it’s meaningful ✨ Your feelings got to me perfectly. Thank you.

Q: Can you spare a word or two for those who are becoming full fledged members of the society?

A: Since you are starting off, there will definitely be difficult times. Don’t be discouraged when you come across things you can’t do! A single word “Do your best!” can’t convey all my thoughts. To borrow the words of an actress I admire, the late Kiki Kirin-san, “Don’t try too hard, but don’t lose heart.” I think it is important not to overwork yourself, and to have the strength to not be discouraged. Every job has its own hardship, but also its own worth and value. Be proud of how you carry yourself. I’m supporting you!

Q: Do you have a favourite race horse?

A: I don’t watch horse racing so I’m not sure about the specifics. But it sounds fun ✨ Sounds refreshing!

Q: What is your favourite scenes from Kaguya sama?

A: There’s a lot! The one with the most impact has to be Chika’s rap. Ah! Recently I’ve sung the full version of Chikatto Chika Chika ♡ ! It was so fun ●´ー`●)

Q: PreCure movie was great! Any stories from the recording you want to share?

A: Thank you! My seniors showered me with warmth. (cries) Ah, and, the Star Precure Team line was supposed to be delivered by Naruse-san alone, but Komatsu-san, Yasuno-san, the 4 of us discussed and thought it was better if we do it together, and it felt so lively when we did it, that I almost ended up crying. Acting is best when we do it together! That incident once again made me feel that way.

Q: What are the anime you grew up with?

A: Sailor Moon, Doraemon, Crayon Shin-chan, Ask Dr. Rin!, and also Anne of Green Gables! I love it!

Q: Do you like sports?

A: Yes! I still play badminton once in a while!

This Q&A was first published on 22 March 2019 on Instagram. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners.


54463841_370870440181110_5689641851930748836_n.jpgQ: What flowers do you like?

A: Sunflower! Sakura! I also like the dried craspedia which I have had at home for more than half a year now. (It’s a vibrant yellow flower)

Picture credit : Seed empire

Q: Which seiyuu are you close to?

A: Firstly, my husband (Ishigami Shizuka-san) ♡, followed by Maekawa Ryoko-chan and Shiraishi Haruka-chan. Also, Kino Hina-chan, Nagae Rika-chan, Owada Hitomi-chan, Shimabukuro Miyuki-chan… But, the first person I would talk to, and spent most time with, is still Zucchi.

Q: Do you like novels?

A: I haven’t been reading recently. The other day, I received a book but haven’t got around to read it yet… (cries) Previously, I recommended Love Generation and I’m glad to have received a long message regarding it. I get into love stories easily. Also, slice of life.

Q: I’m worried about the future and I hope to have your support…

A: “You’ll be fine!” I can’t say something irresponsible like that. But you know, worries are part of our lives. Everyone has different reasons or circumstances, but there is no such thing as a person without worries. I’m the same. Don’t turn your eyes away from them, okay?

Q: What is something that a doctor must possess?

A: Technique. Since the person’s life is entrusted to you. I think the other one would be the determination to save.

Q: On a pleasant and warm day, do you go out for a stroll or go for a drive?

A: I like walking, so I guess I’m the “go out for a stroll” type! But driving sounds fun too.

Q: Are there no events that I can see you?

A: Not at the moment maybe… They were all in February ( ; ; ) But I’m sure there will be a chance again! Lol. Don’t write something like this to jinx it okay!

Q: My girlfriend will be moving to Tokyo next week… Do you think you can say some words of encouragement to me?

A: You said it before right… I remembered. It’s been on my mind. So the time has come… I know that you must be having all sorts of worries like, whether it will work out… or your getting lonely. I feel that if you think about the distance, you will only make yourself feel worse. Even though the time you can meet up with her will lessen, I think it will be nice if both of you can find a balance through this distance. I feel that maintaining a good balance is important. Being far away or nearby has their own fair share of hardships. I’m not really sure on how to say it, but please don’t forget about your feelings of empathy. It will be hard on everyone if you have a one sided mindset. At first, it will be good if you could think positively like  “I wanna meet her… Next time will be this date, so I’ll work hard until then!” I don’t believe in the saying “Long distance relationships don’t work out”. I mean, I know people who got married even though they were far apart! Pick yourself up and face forward, and send her off with a smile okay? ✨ I’m sorry if I pass off as someone looking down from above. But I’m honestly supporting you!

Q: Was Koko-chan the honors student type like Kaguya sama, back in school?

A: No! Not at all!! Lol. I was really weak back then…… People who could study are really cool… Someone please teach me… (cries)

Q: Is Koko-chan suffering from hay fever?

A: Nope! Not at the moment. But the thought of getting it is scary. (cries)

Q: Did Koko-chan ever get a telling off at work before?

A: Not really. But I think people who get angry at you are precious, really. It’s natural to want to refute their words, but after that, I think you will see the reason why and feel grateful.

Q: Did you cry during graduation?

A: I cried! I’ve been crying more often recently. Of course sometimes, it was due to sad moments, but I’ve been crying more often because my heart got moved.

Q: What is a must-buy at convenience stalls?

A: Milk! I want to say that but… it’s Frisk maybe… lol


Q: This isn’t a question but, thank you so much for doing the Q&A even though you are busy.

A: Not at all (●´人`●) I like answering them too. I’m doing it at my own pace, but if you find it enjoyable then all is good ♫


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This Q&A was first published on 22 March 2019 on Instagram. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners.

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