Q&A with Kohara Konomi (26/12/18)

Kohara Konomi does a Q&A on IG every now and then. Do check out the previous ones here! Also, she answers some questions that are written in foreign languages. For those questions and answers, I did not translate them and left them as they are. They are indicated in MAROON.

Q: I’m going to live by myself this coming spring! Do you have any recipe for simple yet delicious meals?

A: Living alone! You must be looking forward to it ✨ Yeah I wanna know too lol. I like spinach so I love to toss them together with bacon and fry with butter. I also wanna learn tomato dishes.

Q: How’s the outlook for a meet and greet?

A: I don’t know the situation now. But you can be sure that I’m all pumped up for it! Lol

Q: Can you speak any Chinese words?

A: 谢谢 (Xie xie / thank you) is about it maybe… (tears) Being able to speak foreign languages sounds cool eh.

Q: Do you do ego-searching (looking up yourself on the internet)?

A: Not at all. But after an event, I try to relive the fun by looking up the event on the net, and seeing people post comments like “It was great!” makes me wanna work hard for the evening portion too! (if there is one) lol

Q: What cosmetic products did you buy recently?

A: Haven’t bought anything recently (●´人`●) Let me know your recommendations ✨ When I heard that Korres is not making the lip butters that I’ve been using for a while now, I instinctively bought 3 sticks lol

Q: What is Koko-chan’s third favourite milk? (following the format of Dotto Ai (Dot I) radio ✨)

A: I’m so happy! A listener from the radio! Thanks. For that, it’ll be  “White Rose Milk” (From Gainyu). By the way, “Special Rich Milk” (From Megmilk) takes first place, second place goes to a bottled milk from Kawagoe. fufufu


Q: Can I cheat on you with other seiyuu?

A: It’s good to have others (seiyuu that you like) to support, I feel really happy to receive support already, so to think of such a thing (keeping the support to myself) is ridiculous! There are plenty of wonderful actors out there ✨(Please share with me your favourite lol) “I’m happy if you can continue to support me” – that’s all from me. Receiving comments and letters every time makes me happy enough.

Q: What’s your conditions for marriage?

A: Working hard at work. To be considerate towards each other. Also, this is a little embarrassing but, someone who thinks of me deeply would make me really happy.

Q: What’s Koko-chan’s theme song?

A: It’s here! This question ✨For now, it is “Make My Dreams Come True, Doraemon”. I had a conversation recently with mum who said “If you sat down to listen to this song, you would end up crying.” so I kept listening to it before leaving home each day for work.

Q: Where do you wanna go for the New Year Holidays?

A: I guess, hatsumode (First shrine visit)  for the start of the year? As for the eve, I’m gonna relax at home (parent’s home).

Q: Did you buy any presents for yourself?

A: A dressy one-piece! (formal dress for ballrooms,functions…etc) I hope to have the chance to wear it one day.

Q: What’s something you had to bear in mind after becoming a seiyuu?

A: My throat is sensitive, so I’m mindful of my throat’s condition. Also stuff like catching a cold… Everyone, take care too.

Q: What drinks do you like?

A: If it’s something recent, I’ve been drinking tea from this brand “Warm Tea”. It keeps my body nice and warm.

Q: What was your best buy this year?

A: “A 2-way Scandinavian design sofa (cushioned chair)!” Since my room is small, there wasn’t a good one. I found and bought this and it was great ✨ It comes with Velcro tapes and can be folded into a crescent moon shaped cushion or expanded into a cushioned chair with backrest. You can find it by searching with this key words “2way 北欧 フロアソファー マジックテープ” lol


Q: Who do you want to do a radio with next?

A: Ishigami Shizuka without hesitation! Who (else)~ lol

Q: If your siblings are Guru guru (Mahoujin Guru Guru) characters, who will they be? Also, please share if they are the elder or junior.

A: My younger sis would be Kukuri. She’s cheerful and fun ✨ As for Nike, he’s cool so I want him to be someone Kukuri likes instead of my (Kukuri’s) siblings.

Q: It was one day early, but I gave my dad a storage case for his watch! Does Koko-chan have any plans to give anyone presents?

A: I gave my younger bro a bed ✨ I was glad he liked it.

Q: What is your favourite event in a year?

A: Eh, I wonder… I like how Spring brings along the blooming of Sakura flowers 🌸 I can’t pick since there’s too many!

Q: What kind of gestures, actions do you like from the opposite gender?

A: I’m weak for kindness that comes from the heart. Also, an earnest face. I think it’s dangerous when he says “Come here”… I’ll go like “Kyaaa♡”. I’d get Zucchi to say it to me next time.

Q: Have you played Smash Bros before?

A: I played when I was younger! Everyone is playing it now ✨ It became a topic in the studio set for Kaguya sama.

Q: Do you feel great when you had a “Boom! Got ya YO!”* moment?

A: Yep, it feels great. Lol I wonder how many times I’ll get to say it later on?  Looking forward to it haha

*This is a gag line from the upcoming Kaguya-sama where she plays Fujiwara Chika.

Q: What’s the most memorable moment from this year?

A: I’d say gaining many new experiences from Asobi Asobase. Being a playscore setting for the recording, everyone’s faces left a lasting impression, it was frantic lol and full powered ( *´艸`) and something we can’t show to everyone haha

This Q&A was first published on 26 December 2018 on Instagram. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners.


: Were there any difficulties you had to face while voicing Kasumi-san in Asobi Asobase?


A: Keeping in mind her personality, I was constantly thinking about how to break down her character. What is it like to talk when you have a cute and restrained appearance, or things like whether it would be interesting to make her voice lower when she is angry. It isn’t hardship, but that was a role that made me think lots about.

Q: Did you take part in any club activities in school?

A: In grade school, I was in the basketball club, and badminton club in middle school. But, I actually wanted to join the track and field club. Because I liked long distance running.

Q: I really really hope that Asobi Asobase will have season 2 ! Best anime ever . (I’m fan from Taiwan)

A: I’m really happy.Thank you very much.I want to play a kasumi again.Please continue supporting me!

Q: What’s your recommendation for the perfect Christmas song?

A: I’m so sorry I answered this after Christmas has passed!! There are many songs that come to mind but I like “When The Christmas Carols Play” (Inagaki Junichi). Also, I like B’z’s “A Merry Christmas One Day”.

Q: What kind of cakes does Koko-chan likes? Cheesecake for me.

A: Shortcake 🍰!! I love whipped cream 💕

Q: What kind of sweets (desserts) do you like?

A: I love whipped cream, lots of it. I love sweets that have tons of them layered on top, so please share with me your recommendations!

Q: Are you good with using the camera?

A: Not at all, i’m just a amateur… I always pay a visit to the IG profiles of people who asked me camera related questions ✨ Please teach me some tips!

Q: I love you ;w: (sorry i can’t read japanese)

A: Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you saw it!Thank you as always

Q: I have a question, but I can’t write it in Japanese.

A: I try my best to read them so writing in other languages is fine too! Thank you. (I’ll do my best to read it, so even a foreign language is fine.Thank you as always)

Q: As a seiyuu, do you have any personal creed that you won’t allow yourself to lose to anyone?

A: Honestly, I don’t think about such things. If i get chosen, I will respond to that expectation with the best of my abilities. Hmm, what could my personal creed be… I’m looking for one lol

Q: What is your choice for Christmas cakes? Shortcake or chocolate cake?

A: Shortcake without a doubt!

Q: Since Koko-chan mentioned that you like winter, have you gone to Hokkaido?

A: I went with my family when I was around 8 years old. I was having so much fun on the ice that I ended up falling down hahaha.

Q: I’m unable to be proactive in chasing the person I like. Please teach me how to draw out my courage.

A: I still believe it starts from a conversation, that way you can build on the courage by talking to her. Even if it’s something small, it’s important to have an objective. If you feel shy about it, try to say “Hello” to her once in a week. I was the same back in school, wanting to talk but got too shy about it and end up running away. If you don’t want to regret, then try your best! A big change begins from finding your courage!

Q: Please share with me your recommendations for cosmetics!

A: I like Elegance’s Radiwater cheek rouge. It comes in a cute small container. I like the faint redness that it gives out.

Q: Sorry, this isn’t a question 💦 Today, I was able to finally go to Kawagoe! I went together with Benippo (Mascot character in Tsuki ga Kirei)~!

A: Wow!! How was it? Did you have fun? Let me know your thoughts.

Q: Are there any brands you like?

A: Brands… Not really lol! Wait! Muji!! Even though I graduated from being a staff there, I still am in its care lol.

Q: Do you have any youthful memories you are proud of?

A: It’s not something to boast about but back in middle school, the person I liked was good at piano. He will always be in the music room during break time, and I went over to talk to him. Lol (Does this feel like youth?)

Q: What words will make your heart tighten when you hear them?

A: Being told “I wanna meet you” in a straightforward manner. Ah, just the other day, Zucchi messaged me this on LINE, “I love you, Konomi”… I couldn’t keep still in the bed then.

Q: Do you feel any generation gap when you talk to your brother?

A: Nah. My bro has a keen interest in the things I like, so we often watch (shows) and play around together, we don’t run out of common topics. Even though we are 10 years apart, it doesn’t feel like it and the both of us are simpletons. Lol. I think we are very similar. That said, my bro is a way better kid than me.


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This Q&A was first published on 26 December 2018 on Instagram. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners.

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