Q&A with Kohara Konomi (25/12/18)

Kohara Konomi does a Q&A on IG every now and then. Do check out the previous ones here!

Q: Merry Christmas!

A: Merry Christmas ✨ I received tons of messages like this. Is everyone having a wonderful Christmas?

Q: Who are you spending this Christmas with?

A: I’d just say this first. There’s nothing for me to hide. When I end work, I’ll go straight home and prepare for the next day’s work. I spent Christmas at my parents home last year, but this year there is not one bit of festive joy since I’m spending it alone.”

Q: Are there any bands you like?

A: Yep~! But I’m not that specific. I just listen to whichever is popular at that moment. Please share with me your recommendations!

Q: Good evening~ How will you be spending the new year?

A: I’ll be going back to my parent’s home for the new year.

Q: I hope you do an Insta Live!

A: A live like radio shows would be fun (●´人`●) But, it will end up being at night, and I will end up troubling everyone.

Q: I wanna know what bag you bring around and the contents inside. I’m curious about what you use!

A: There’s really nothing too significant inside. I’ll post a photo next time lol.

Q: Did you receive any Christmas presents that left a lasting impression?

A: There’s a lot of questions on this! ✨ Let’s see, I think I had more memorable presents back before I was big enough to go to school… I liked “Sylvanian Families” back then, so I was really excited when I saw the “Calico cat family” (Daddy, mummy, son, daughter, baby) set lined up when I woke up in the morning.


Q: Are you a beef stew or cream stew person?

A: Stews are indeed delicious. If I were to picked one, I’d go with cream stew. I love stews 💕 I also love dad’s overnight beef stew.

Q: Do you usually use perfumes?

A: I don’t! Ah, but I use the hair cologne spray that Zucchi (Ishigami Shizuka) got for my birthday ♡

Q: Merry Christmas 🎄 What kind of milk products do you like?

A: Merry Christmas ♫ As for milk, I like special rich milk (Megmilk snow brand). I also like Aloe yogurt and Partheno yogurt!

Q: Where do you get your clothes from?

A: I love stuff from bulle de savon ♫ But I have a few other stores I like too. Muji is still one of favourites since the time I graduated as as staff from there.

Q: I enjoy reading your posts each time ♡ What LINE theme are you using now?

A: I use this one “Kisekaeru-shi-” ^^I’m eagerly awaiting the stickers from this series.

Q: I’m envious of your silky smooth hair~! What shampoo do you use? 💖

A: Not at all!! My hair is thin so it gets affected (damaged) easily. I think that’s (because) I bleached my hair. I’m using this brand “Aujua” for shampoo.


Q: Are you the type who spends New Year at home? Or travelling?

A: I haven’t traveled during the New Year holidays yet!! It’s the Kohara household customs to visit relatives’ houses during that period lol.

Q: Why did you decide to become a seiyuu?

A: I was previously an actor. I was encouraged by my mum and teacher back in grade school to try out voice acting… Since the thought of a voice-related job was always in my heart, I decided to give it a shot when I was 23! Then, I sent my CV to my current agency (Office Osawa) and here I am now.

Q: Do you get along well with your siblings~?

A: I get along well with my little bro ♫ I’m coming home soon~ lol

Q: Thank you for always posting the IG stories! I hope to be able to meet Koko-chan one day!

A: I should be thanking you instead! Sometimes, I’d head over to pages of people who posted their comment with a photo lol, so that’s a kind of event~ Also, it’ll be nice if I get to do a meet and greet ✨ I look forward to meeting everyone too!

Q: Merry Xmas~

A: Merry Xmas ( *´艸`) What are you having on this lovely day? 🎄 Oyakodon for me lol.

Q: How high can your voice pitch go?

A: I wonder…I haven’t done it during acting… But I won’t lose to Kino HIna-chan* haha

*Her co-star in Asobi Asobase, who voices Honda Hanako)

Q: What’s the sight that left the most lasting impression on you this year?

A: First up would be the sunrise I saw with my lil bro on New Year’s Day, in second place would be bidding farewell to everyone with Zucchi for Mahoujin Guru Guru’s event. That moment when I saw everyone’s smiles, tears and faces was a blessing. Hearing the words “Thank you Koko-chan” made me feel that I was really glad to have been voicing Kukuri! Above anything else, Zucchi’s happy face made me really elated too.

Q: When did you stop receiving Christmas presents? Also, what’s the present that left you with the deepest impression?

A: I wonder when… Maybe when I was in grade school? Since then, I received money and letters from dad ^^I’m at the age where I’m giving them out now. As for memorable presents, I answered earlier (Sylvanian Family)!

Q: Is milk your favourite drink?

A: That is the correct answer! It is indeed milk 🥛

Q: Are you still hanging on with the cast members from Tsuki ga Kirei?

A: We’re still chummy with each other~ We still go out for meals from time to time!


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This Q&A was first published on 25 December 2018 on Instagram. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners.

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