Ueda Reina’s “I like this colour” #50 (Second half)

You can read Part 1 here.

To commemorate the 50th edition, we invited Okuno Kaya-san as a guest. In the second half we walked around Yuigahama. While stuffing their cheeks with melon bread and taiyaki and enjoying their leisurely stroll, the beach appears in front of them…!

I had a blast…!

The refreshing and invigorating air, the warm hues of Yuigahama.

For Kamakura which has been involved in both Hanayamata and Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club, even if it’s been a few years since then, this view will not fade away…

To be able to come here with Kaya was really enjoyable.

Ueda Reina

◇After the shoot

Q: Since the first half at Kamakura Museum of Literature, both of you have worn coordinated outfits, how did both of you decide on this?

Ueda: Kaya came to me and asked “I feel like wearing matching outfits, what do you think we should wear?”, to which I replied, “I haven’t thought of that yet, but how about the same type of outfits in different colours?” We agreed afterwards and that was how we ended up in matching outfits.

Okuno: After that, we kept sending each other photos of outfits, until we started asking “Ah, do we have so many to choose from!?” (laughs) We were scratching our heads since all of them were cute, so we decided on the one that brought out the feeling of us being a unit the most.

Ueda: It brings out the feel that we are a unit or on a date, I really think it worked out well.

Q: In fact, the underlying theme for this shoot is based on Hanayamata’s ‘Naru and Yaya 10 years later’, did you have any thoughts about this image before?

Ueda: I feel that Naru and Kaya will continue to be as they were. I think they will definitely still be squabbling with each others and maintain a close relationship (laughs). That is why I feel the atmosphere here is a perfect fit for them. A few years have passed since the filming of the PV (promotional video for the anime), and we have since matured a little, and just casually taking a stroll, having a meal, so it could be linked back to the PV too.

Okuno: The sea at Yuigahama gives off a feeling of “NaruYaya”. Because I have played Yaya as a role, having a shoot like this and standing before Rei-chan, I kept thinking “I want to be like Yaya. I want to become Yaya.” But when we are chatting outside of work, I would usually be the one initiating it, so in a sense I was unable to become Yaya(laughs). Because of that, when Rei-chan hugs me from the back, I feel very embarrassed since I couldn’t get into character. On the other hand, when it was my turn to hug Rei-chan from behind, I hugged her while thinking “I will never hand her over to anyone!” It was an emotion that came naturally from within me.

: When I got hugged from behind, I felt a tight squeeze. While I was acting as Naru, there were many times I felt my heart…or rather my body being tightly constrained…… Ah, so this is what it felt like (laughs).


Q: At the time of publication for the second half, the plan for an original photo book featuring some of your favourite photos from this serialization has begun, what are your feelings regarding this?

Ueda: It takes courage to make the leap from being on the net to a publication, there are also shots that have never been released so far, so I want to show them to everyone to let them experience “I like the feel of this colour” again, rather than creating a museum, I want to let the art pieces dictate themselves freely. This way, I’m sure I can experience the the relentless efforts we have put in thus far, and I’m looking forward to that.

Q: Looking at the photos from the early days of this serialization, what are your thoughts?

Ueda: Looking at them, I think my expressions were different back then, and that I was really young…for example. (laughs)

Q: It has only been 2 years though! (laughs)

Ueda: That’s right. (laughs) The variation of my smile has changed little by little along the way, and knowing that makes me excited, that I have left behind images like that. Usually when we talk about publishing a photo book, it would be something like a 1-week project, 1 day for the shoot, and whatever you showed on that day defines the shape and form of the photo book. However, this time round, I got to choose from more than 2 years of images and expressions, feeling the passing of time, and I think it is really enjoyable.

Photography: Matsumoto Yuusuke
Hair styling & cosmetics: Sweets
Interview: Osugi Shigeaki

This interview was first published on 8 December 2017 in Web Newtype. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners. Please view the rest of the gorgeous photos at their site!

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