Ueda Reina’s “I like this colour” #50 (First half)

“I like this colour” is a photo feature column featuring Ueda Reina, who likes drawing and strolling as hobbies. In this column, we follow Ueda-san to various places, finding interesting “objects” and “things”, and also search for a “colour” she likes.
This is the 50th edition for this serialization. To commemorate this occasion, we have invited Okuno Kaya-san to be part of this column.
The first place we visited is Kamakura, which is a place that holds memories for both of them, Kamakura Musuem of Literature, which comprises of a vast and magnificent garden surrounded by the mountains and sea, a beautiful appearance that has been preserved from the early Showa era.

First Half
Just like a fairy tale, with a little old and rustic feel.

It is a place that is full of warmth.

Kamakura is a place that lets me take a breather, and a lovely place that gives me peace of mind.
It brings me happiness no matter how many times I visit.
Ueda Reina

◇After the photo shoot


Q: This time round being the 50th edition, so we have Okuno Kaya-san joining in for the photo shoot at Kamakura.

Ueda: I’m in heaven (laughs). Really, really thank you so much for this. On the previous edition, when I was asked on the place I wanted to go and the things I wanted to do for this edition, I answered “Kamakura, Kaya, ‘Hanayamata’……”. To have this wish granted, I’m really thankful and happy.


Q: What about you, Okuno-san? How do you feel being on this feature as a guest?

Okuno: I’ve been reading this column from quite some time ago, and when Ōtsubo Yuka got featured as a guest, I got jealous and wanted to be in her shoes (laughs). For each time, the photos are beautifully taken, Rei-chan’s (Ueda) expression is also lovely, so I think that this is a splendid project. I do ponder on whether I can be invited as a guest someday, but to be invited for the 50th edition…… I can’t put into words how happy I am now.


Q: What kind of impression do you have after entering the world of ‘I like this colour’?

Okuno: When both of us were getting photographed, it’s not as if we entered a world with just the 2 of us. “Okay, let’s have Ueda-san for some solo shots…” When I saw her getting photographed, I thought “Ah, this is the view I’ve always been looking at!” It was a personal feeling that came to me (laughs). Each and every angle, the attention paid to the details when taking the shots, to be part of this wonderful series, I think I’m really blessed.


Q: On the other hand, Ueda-san, what kind of emotions was running through your mind, having someone else observe you getting photographed?

Ueda: I felt that it resonated closely with me when Matsumoto-san (Photographer) assembled an image that consisted of Kaya, me and the location itself. Because it felt excessively similar, even when both of us had our solo shots, or when we got photographed together, It always felt that we were being taken as ‘One entity’, so in that essence, it hasn’t differed much from the usual. I also got to participate in the process of the shoot itself, when Kaya was being photographed, I got to see which angles were good (laughs). I think it really felt like every other sessions, being part of the trials and process.


Q: This time round, we have used Kamakura Museum of Literature as the representative for Kamakura. What kind of impression did you get?

Ueda: I thought it was a very pure place. It has elements of what I love Kamakura for, it’s beautiful no matter which spot we went to, and in this clear space, you can see the sunlight filtering through the canopy which gives you a bit of the otherworldly feel, and that makes this place wonderful. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.


Q: Moving around the exterior of the museum to the garden, was there any place that caught your attention?

Ueda: The tunnel (Shoukakudou) left behind a deep impression. Somehow, it has a magnetic force that draws you in tightly…… It’s a little scary, but I like how it sets up the imposing feeling that draws you in. The twilight-like rays that enters through the tunnel was really good as well.

Okuno: That tunnel was like a portal to another world. Even though there was sunlight piercing through the canopy from the surroundings, on the whole it felt dim…… The mysterious mood made it felt like it didn’t belong to this era, and added to the grandeur of the place.


Q: What did you think of the interior?

Ueda: Rather than just an interior, it gave me a feeling of ‘Home’, and allowed me to relax and take a breather. It felt like my grandma’s house…… The stained glass was also gorgeous, it was really vibrant and vivid.


Photography: Matsumoto Yuusuke
Hair styling & cosmetics: Sweets
Interview: Osugi Shigeaki
Participating partners: Kamakura Museum of Literature

This interview was first published on 24 November 2017 in Web Newtype. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners. Please view the rest of the gorgeous photos at their site!

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