Q&A with Earphones (Part 2)

Earphones Jack
Photo credit: Gakkyu’s blog
On Earphones’ official web page, they have a feature for short questions & answers. This is part 2 (Q76-158), and will conclude this series, unless they do more of these next time!

Part 1 is here if you want to read.

76) Tell us a gag with your everything you got now.

Takahashi: ゴキブリの動きぶり (gokiburi no ugokiburi) : lit: the movement style of a cockroach (this is a pun on the similar sounding word for cockroach and movement)

Kouno: Earphones jack in!

Nagaku: I want to get high with everyone in Earphones! How’s that!

(This joke is lost in translation, she is playing a pun on their names; Takahashi Rie’s “高”
taka +  Kouno Marika’s “まり” mari =高まり takamari : Get high as well as her “ゆき” yuki (行き) : Go)

77) Are you a rain woman (someone who brings in the rain) or a sunny woman (someone who brings sunshine) ?

Takahashi: I think I’m a sunny woman! On days that are predicted to rain, the chance of precipitation drops when I go out (laughs).

Kouno: I hope that I’m a sunny woman.

Nagaku: If I have to say, I think I’m a rainy woman.

78) Where would the 3 of you wish to go now to have fun?

Takahashi: Haunted house! If we can’t, then an amusement park! I want to have a wild time with them!

Kouno: Disney Resort in Chiba!

Nagaku: Sightseeing in Kyoto and onsen.

79) What is your first impression of the creator of Sore ga Seiyuu series, Asano Masami-san?

Takahashi: A cheerful, friendly and kind person!!

Kouno: She has a kind and bashful smile, and a cute side, as well as giving off a presence that she is capable of anything!

Nagaku: She came off as a approachable and kind person.

80) Where do you want to travel to now?

Takahashi: Feast on the delicious salmon roe in Hokkaido.

Kouno: Kyoto.

Nagaku: Onsen trip! And and of course table tennis!

You get 1 week off, what do you do?

Takahashi: I want to go to spiritual sites! To charge up the luck for my job!

Kouno: Fulfill my duty as a good daughter.

Nagaku: Laze around at my parents’ house.

82) Name a side dish that allows you to eat countless refills of rice.

Takahashi: Salmon roe.

Kouno: Of course it’s rice.

Nagaku: Food topped with grated yam, meat, or just grilled meat skewers with sauce!

83) What is the most nerve-wracking experience of your life so far?

Takahashi: It was when I landed the role of Futaba and met Asano-san for the first time. Furthermore, I got to it is a spin-off from a series with a rich history.

Kouno: When I heard that my mum had a head on collision with a dumpster… Luckily she was unharmed!

Nagaku: The announcement event for Sore ga Seiyuu!

84) What do you want to become if you get to be reborn?

Takahashi: I still want to be reborn as a human! Also, whether as a creator or consumer, I still want to be involved with anime!

Kouno: I want to be reborn as my parents’ child again.

Nagaku: I want to be reborn as my parents’ child again.

85) Choose an item to bring with you to an uninhabited island.

Takahashi: A certain discount jungle (store)


Kouno: I heard that a mirror is a good choice, so I’m going to go with that. Most probably used for starting fires.

Nagaku: 4 Dimensional Pocket

86) What special ability would you like to have?

Takahashi: Built-in GPS! Other than the obvious maps function, having the ability to know where you left your stuff, and being able to find delicious dining options in a instant are plus factors!

Kouno: The ability to make people happy.

Nagaku: Teleportation.

87) Tell us your favourite ending sequence from Sore ga Seiyuu!

Takahashi: Episode 8! The part where Futaba couldn’t do the same ‘Sparkly’ pose that Ichigo & Rin-rin was doing, was quite hilarious. lol

Kouno: Episode 13! It’s a little tear inducing, and having a Earphones song play in the background added to it.

Nagaku: Episode 7! While smacking Futaba around, I like the part where I got to shout out my special moves!

88) What are your aims going forward?

Takahashi: Find a character which only I can bring out the charm. I will bear the responsibility of that role with confidence.

Kouno: Just like our song “Seichou! Zenryoku Cinderella” (Growing Up! Full Power Cinderella), I hope that the 3 of us become worthy cinderellas capable of putting up a great show together with everyone.

Nagaku: Play the lead role of an anime!

(Personally, i think that Takahashi has made Megumin her own role already. Also, Nagaku has since snagged a lead role in Hajimete no Gal.)

89) Which overseas country do you want to travel to?

Takahashi: Australia. I went there once as part of a home stay experience, I want to go back to meet my home stay friends!

Kouno: I want to know more about the place I’m born in first, so I want to travel around Japan.

Nagaku: I have never been out of Japan before, so I’d like to go around the world!

90) What occupation did you have in mind previously?

Takahashi: A takoyaki wagon peddler, anime & seiyuu merchandise manufacturer, mascot costume maker, the person inside the mascot, anime producer…. There are so many!

Kouno: Food critic. That way I can eat lots of tasty dishes!

Nagaku: A princess of a country.

91) What do you add to your sunny side up?

Takahashi: Salt and pepper.

Kouno: Soy sauce.

Nagaku: Ketchup of course.

92) One day, you come across someone who looks like the splitting image of you. What do you do?

Takahashi: I wanna be her friend! First, I’ll call out to her, then exchange contact numbers.

Kouno: “Are you my doppelganger?”

Nagaku: I will ask my clone on where she came from!

93) Tell us about the funny points of each member.

Takahashi: You can always find beef jerky sticking out from Marinka’s bag. As for Gakkyu, the satisfied face she makes after telling us a gag feels so blissful.

Kouno: Gakkyu’s choice of words. Rieri’s unexpected movements.

Nagaku: Rieri’s funny facial expressions in response to my jokes! Marinka’s retorts to my silly moments makes me feel that it’s okay being an idiot ♪

94) Can you play any musical instruments?

Takahashi: Electric guitar, piano, trumpet…etc. I used to be in the music and light music club, so I can play a little of every instrument.

Kouno: I can…do a little…of vocal percussion (beat box) …Nope I can’t.

Nagaku: I used to play the piano a little… but I can’t do it anymore. (sweats)

95) Describe today’s Japan in one line.

Takahashi: The hay fever is really bad now…

Kouno: The beef jerky is really delicious!!

Nagaku: For the sake of having a bright future full of smiles, let us move forward with appreciation and gratitude in our hearts! I’m living the time of my life now!

96) Where would you go for a date?

Takahashi: It may be a standard place for first dates, but I’d like to go to the theme park. Ah, but I would prefer somewhere less crowded….

Kouno: I’ll go to the place where my partner desires.

Nagaku: I love movies, so I wanna go to the theaters~♪ But since I’m really indecisive, I hope that my partner would take the lead.

97) What’s the happiest thing to hear from fans?

Takahashi: The words that makes me especially happy is being told “I’ve watched the show that Rieri has appeared in!” and things like being praised for my acting, dancing…

I’m really grateful to everyone for acknowledging my hard work and supporting me.

Kouno: It makes me happy by having fans watch, listen, play (games) the work that I appear in! It makes my work worthwhile knowing that someone out there is listening to my voice and enjoying my performances.

Nagaku: I really treasure each word I received through letters or handshake events. Thank you ★

98) Are you good at dancing?

Takahashi: I love it! It’s fun! I wanna put in more effort, and polish up my skills.

Kouno: I’ve been bad at it since young. It’s become so much of a complex that I think I can’t catch the rhythm or sense. But being inside this unit, in order to stand on the highest stage, I wanna make up for the lack of talent and sense with hard work. I’ll devote my time towards it from now.

Nagaku: I’m really bad at dancing! But, under the guidance of Master Rieri, I’ve gained some confidence for our songs!

99) A mage appears and grants one of your wishes. What do you wish for?

Takahashi: For my family to stay healthy.

Kouno: The ability to use magic.

Nagaku: To be reborn as my parents’ child even in my next life.


Photo credit : Onsen

100) Do you have any particular preference when it comes to interiors (of your room)?

Takahashi: I like the natural feel brought by the combination of yellow, brown and white.

Kouno: Since I like animals, I would like my room to be decorated with lots of stuffed toys and antique furniture.

Nagaku: Nothing at all! I live in a standard room… lol

101) You won 1 billion yen at the lottery. What do you do with it?

Takahashi: I wanna buy a house that can fit 2 generations!

Kouno: Buy a house worth 1 billion yen!

Nagaku: I’ll give half of it to my parents first, and use the other half for myself! I’ll start by moving house ♪

102) Soba or Udon?

Takahashi: I like cold (dipping) soba and kitsune udon.

Kouno: Udon! I like the slippery and springy sensation! The udon from Kagawa is really delicious.

Nagaku: It depends on my mood on the day! For summer, I like cold buckwheat noodles, and kamatama udon (udon topped with raw egg) for winter!

103) Are you the type who rents movies, or watch them in the theater?

Takahashi: Theaters. I’d end up falling asleep at home while watching because it’s too relaxing.

Kouno: I’m fine with either! It depends on my mood at the time.

Nagaku: I’ve done both, but for movies that I’ve been looking forward to, I’m pretty assertive on going to the theaters to watch!

104) Which era would you travel to if you get a time machine?

Takahashi: I wanna watch my parent’s wedding ceremony!

Kouno: Back to the primeval era. I wanna try out a mammoth’s meat.

Nagaku: I wanna go back to the time when I was born.

105) What are the unexpected moments you find yourself screaming?

Takahashi: Getting good news from an audition! Although this situation isn’t very often. Lol

Kouno: When I get tickled by someone.

Nagaku: I always let out some weird sounds when I get surprised…! Especially when a bug is flying around… I’m really bad with them…

106) Let’s get this out, what do you think love represents?

Takahashi: Hmm…I would say that it’s something that is always around you but you don’t notice it. Just when you thought that ‘love’ is fading away, you get hit by a sudden realization that ‘this’ is indeed ‘love’.

Kouno: Love is something that you feel.

Nagaku: Love is accepting a person for they are… right? lol

107) What kind of health products have you bought recently?

Takahashi: I’ve been drinking mango-flavoured soy milk in the morning. It’s more of a drink rather than a product though lol.

Kouno: A pillow for a pleasant sleep!

Nagaku: I bought a steam eye mask recently! I’m constantly reminding myself not to run out of them!

108) Do you have any pet phrases, or favourite motto?

Takahashi: If you have a senior that you respect, aim to surpass them when they were at your age.

Kouno: I won’t die!

Nagaku: To be alive is a blessing.

109) Who would you want as a girlfriend if you are a guy?

Takahashi: Futaba (Sore ga Seiyuu!) as a marriage partner, Konno-san as my girlfriend!

Kouno: Konno Aoi-san.

Nagaku: Manager Konno from “Sore ga Seiyuu!” – she’s too cute!!

110) Do you play games? What genres do you like?

Takahashi: I don’t really play games, but I like sound novels (voiced novels) as well as rhythm games.

Kouno: I love most games! If I were to choose… At home, I guess RPG, Simulator games for on-the-go and shooting games for arcades!

Nagaku: I play app-based games quite often! I like puzzle and music games, and also RPG games and simulators. There’s a lot lol.

111) What type of 2D character will you fall in love with if they exist in real life?

Takahashi: My weakness are female characters who look handsome (ikemen)… Maybe there is a princess inside of me somewhere.

Kouno: Hmm, not really I guess? I love 2D for what they are!

Nagaku: Kazehaya-kun from “Kimi ni Todoke”! I want to become Sawako! (The love interest of Kazehaya)

112) Do you like hats/caps?

Takahashi: It can make the outfits coordination more complete, so yep I like them!

Kouno: I love them! I’d always end up trying out different ones at shops! I wanna wear a cowboy’s hat and a tall chef hat someday!

Nagaku: I like them, but I’m still on a quest to find one that would look nice on me.

113) Who would you wanna be friends with if you are a guy?

Takahashi: I want to go out drinking with Futaba and Ichigo! Rin-rin is excluded because she’s still a minor lol.

Kouno: If I could be together with (Thomas) Edison, I’m sure I can broaden my view of the world.

Nagaku: Shiodome-san! (Sore ga Seiyuu!) I feel like she’s someone whom you can work with and talk with in your personal life.

114) What animal would you be?

Takahashi: Marinka tells me that I’m like a baby bear lol.

Kouno: This feels like a common question but it’s so difficult to answer!

Nagaku: Since this is the year of the horse… So a horse maybe? Actually I wanna hear about what you guys think!

(Coincidentally, she landed a role in Uma Musume (horse girls) recently…)

115) What are the necessities when you go for a studio recording?

Takahashi: If it’s a recording for a character song, illustrations of various expressions of the character are vital. When I sing while looking at the expressions, it allows me to impose their emotions into the song.

Kouno: A healthy body condition!

Nagaku: Pen, water, throat candy, spectacles, a light meal box. For “Sore ga Seiyuu!”, I brought along Ichigo (strawberry) themed goods as well!

116) What type of sports do you like?

Takahashi: I like to watch baseball! But, I’ve not yet been to the stadiums to watch the real thing…

Kouno: Basketball, swimming.

Nagaku: Volleyball, and any sports other than marathon!

117) If you can get reborn, would you choose to be a female or male?

Takahashi: An all-boys school seems interesting, so I’d choose to be a male!

Kouno: Since I don’t know too many guys, I think the hurdle might be too much for me to handle, so being a female is fine!

Nagaku: If I become a male, then I’ll be a athlete. As for being reborn as a female, I wanna be a princess.

118) What is a book or movie which has influenced your life?

Takahashi: A novel titled “Brave Story”. It was the first time I cried while reading a novel.

Kouno: Selecting just one is difficult, but I’d say “Kitsune no Okyakusama” (lit. The Fox’s customer) which is a picture book that I read when I was young.

Nagaku: A book I read when I was a kid, titled “Helen Keller”. It had an impact on my life.

119) Tell us how would you want to be introduced with catch phrases.

Takahashi: Ri-chan, chirori, takahashi, shirie, imouto leader wa? \Rieri!/*

*Ri-chan, chirori, shirie are all her nicknames from different phases of her career. Imouto leader (Sister leader) is her position in Earphones.

Kouno: What do you mean by catch phrases? But I would like to be told “Uchuu ichi kawaii yo~!” (You’re the cutest in this universe~!)

I think that’s something all girls would like to hear.

Nagaku: Gakkyu no koe wo kikuto, kokoro “ga, kyu”~n to nacchau na~, something like this…? How is it?

Hearing Gakkyu’s voice, my heart goes kyun~

*She’s playing off a pun with her nickname with “が” (ga) + kyu(n)

120) Where do you want to go on a trip together?

Takahashi: Yamanashi and Osaka, we will stay the night and go to the theme park!

Kouno: Kyoto! I want the 3 of us to wear maiko (apprentice geisha) outfits!

Nagaku: A slow relaxing stay at an onsen!

121) What do you imagine your future house to be like?

Takahashi: A 2-generation house, furnished with a soundproof room (for practice)!

Kouno: A 3-generation house where everyone can stay together even after we get our own families! A big garden to grow herbs and plants, a garage big enough to house a camping car when we go out on trips, and a personal studio for me in the basement!

Nagaku: A house with 10 rooms! Also a yard big enough to house a BBQ pit would be the best!

122) Are you the type who would serve people or are you the type who would prefer to be served by others?

Takahashi: The wanting-to-be pampered type but end up serving others. Lol

Kouno: The type that gets lots of love and attention from people, but I also do lots of stuff for people! Probably! I like buying stuff for family and close friends.

Nagaku: Both ★ I get doted on by my parents, on the other hand, I shower my younger sister with lots of love.

123) What is your favourite bath agent?

Takahashi: Whichever you choose, the fragrance is really nice, so I guess the effective ones!

Kouno: I like the lavender fragrance with a milky base.

Nagaku: I like all of them!

124) What type of hairstyles do you want to challenge next time?

Takahashi: I wanna try out a soft natural “forest girl” style* as well as ash grey hair with a cool rock style!

*I’m not well versed with hairstyles, but a quick google search tells me that “Forest girl’s style” is a Japanese fashion/life style for girls, which portray them as girls who live in the forest.

Kouno: I’m quite casual when it comes to hairstyles, but I wanna try changing my hair colour! Also, a boyish short cut!

Nagaku: Twintail… lol


Photo credit : Her twitter

125) If the world ends in 3 days time, how would you spend your final moments?

Takahashi: Spend time together with my family sleeping in the futon.

Kouno: Visit each and every individual who has helped me in my journey of becoming a seiyuu… But if that is too imposing on them, I would go on a trip together with my family and talk all night about life with them.

Nagaku: Eat delicious stuff with my family and just spend the time slowly together.

126) Describe the work of a seiyuu in one sentence.

Takahashi: An all-rounder…. right?

Kouno: A job that has its tough moments but also tons of enjoyable ones!

Nagaku: An artisan.

127) What do you do when you are commuting?

Takahashi: Watch anime on my phone, listen to my favourite songs, read books, nap… I spend the time based on my desires. Lol

Kouno: Right now, I’m answering the questions and answers for this segment! Usually, I would receive log-in bonuses on my games, check the photos, script and audio for work. Commuting time is best utilized for work!

Nagaku: Play games on my phone while listening to music! !

128) If you have an extra hour each day, what would use it for?

Takahashi: I probably wouldn’t notice it if it’s just one hour…. Lol

Kouno: What should I do with it!

Nagaku: Sleep!

129) What would the title of your autobiography be?

Takahashi: “Growing Up! Full Power Cinderella”

Kouno: “My favourite things”

Everyone has different things they like, as for me, my favourite things are the ones that give me warmth. The book will contain pictures taken from my perspective, as well as the text~. Sounds like I’m singing my own praises now! lol

Nagaku: “I don’t want to live an average life”

130) Who is the natural airhead in the unit?

Takahashi: Is there even any answer other than Gakkyu…? Lol.

Kouno: I think it is Gakkyu. She always comes up with some new words.

Nagaku: I think Rieri can be quite the airhead! I mean, she once mistook a shoehorn for a spoon!

131) What type of challenges do you wish to take on in the future?

Takahashi: Cooking! I want to burn my mum’s recipes into my memory. *

*Rieri has since got her own cooking show, nanitsuku.

Kouno: A self sustainable life.

Nagaku: Take on some kind of challenges in the Guinness records with Earphones!

132) What would you do if you get a month off from work?

Takahashi: 1 month of being jobless sounds scary…

Kouno: Go on trips that I couldn’t take normally.

Nagaku: Go back to my parent’s home and relax.

133) When facing a crisis, are you the type to stay calm, or do you panic straight away?

Takahashi: It really depends on the type of trouble. But, if we are talking about the biggest of crisis, I will be speechless for a while probably.

Kouno: I’ll look calm and composed on the outside, but panicking inside.

Nagaku: I probably will be panicking and raising a commotion… lol

134) What was your favourite meal from the lunch menu in school?

Takahashi: Simmered fried tuna cubes. It has a meat-like texture and the sweet and sour taste made it really delicious!


Photo credit: Woman Excite

Kouno: Deep fried bread coated with kinako (soybean) powder and the other variant with cocoa powder!


Photo credit : Cookpad

Nagaku: Turkey from the yearly Christmas menu!

135) What is your favourite time period of the day?

Takahashi: Night ≧ late night >evening > morning > afternoon, in this order, I guess. I tend to feel sleepy in the afternoon. Lol

Kouno: The time period between morning and noon.

Nagaku: I like night time ♪

136) Where do you look at when you meet a person for the first time?

Takahashi: I feel that I end up looking at their eyes unknowingly.

Kouno: Eyes and personality.

Nagaku: Eyes.

137) Did any of your wishes get granted before?

Takahashi: Back in high school, during hatsumode*, I made a wish “I will become a seiyuu no matter what it takes.” Somehow, this felt more like a declaration rather than a wish. lol

*初詣 (hatsumode) : first shrine visit of the new year

Kouno: Maybe not. I usually don’t make wishes, as I act on what I want instead.

Nagaku: Yes!

138) Do you have any occupational habits?

Takahashi: I’ll hold my breath whenever someone coughs in the train. lol

Kouno: This may not necessary be something from the industry, but whenever I run into neighbours, even at night, I’ll greet them with a “Good morning”.

Nagaku: I’ll speak in my character voice on a whim. lol

139) Which part of you feels like a kid?

Takahashi: I’m bad with green shiso leaves.*

*A plant used commonly in Japanese dishes.

Kouno: When I lose in a game, I’ll continue playing until I win.

Nagaku: I don’t think there’s really any ><←

140) How about the parts that feel like an adult?

Takahashi: Being able to play at a Gachapon machine until I complete the whole set. lol

Kouno: Being able to buy snacks above 300 yen.

Nagaku: I think my appearance say for itself. Also, climbing stairs are tough.

141) What makes you think of Autumn?

Takahashi: The oden in the convenience stall!  “The weather is getting chiller eh?”

Kouno: Osmanthus .

Nagaku: Being able to smell the scent of osmanthus while walking.

142) Which animal do you go to see first when you go to the zoo?

Takahashi: Pandas! Watching the fluffy fur balls idling around really heals me.

Kouno: Lion or Wolf.

Nagaku: The animal nearest to the entrance!

143) What’s the source of your energy?

Takahashi: Fan letters! I read all of them!

Kouno: My pet cat.

Nagaku: Letters from every fan out there.

144) After forming the unit, what was the first unexpected side you learnt of the other 2 members?

Takahashi: Even if I’m going for a gut-busting meal, they will accompany me. In fact, they are quite willing to!

Kouno: Gakkyu likes variety shows and gags. Rieri has an in depth knowledge of the entertainment circle.

Nagaku: Rieri’s LINE stamp collection is really unique and amusing. Marinka feels like mature on the outlook, but as you get to know her, when she is excited and in the groove, she is more cute than anyone with her free-spirited nature.

145) What are the moments that psyche you up and make you want to give your best?

Takahashi: When I see people around me put in their best, it fires me up and I want to put in my best so as not to fall behind them.

Kouno: When people place their expectations on me, and when I feel like I’m losing to myself.

Nagaku: When I receive compliments from family and fans.

146) What certifications do you wish to obtain right now?

Takahashi: Etiquette course. I wish to pick up proper proper table manners in case I go to a fine dining place.

Kouno: Psychology.

Nagaku: Tea (making) certification, and secretary certification.

147) What is one part-time job you want to try your hands on once in your life?

Takahashi: Running a takoyaki cart, being the person inside a mascot, assistant to a detective….eh? Are there openings for a part-time job for a detective’s assistant?

Kouno: Amateur magazine model… ah it’s not really a part-time job. How about being a staff in an apparel shop? Since I like fashion, being able to try out various types of outfits sounds fun.

Nagaku: At a sweets house, where I can get surrounded by the sweet aroma.

148) Any interesting dreams which you have seen recently?

Takahashi: I was living a life while concealing the fact that I’m actually a male. It was rather amusing lol.

Kouno: The senior who has always taken care of me is actually a transvestite!

Nagaku: I found out that I can use magic suddenly, but only used it to levitate 20 cm above ground for just 3 seconds. lol

149) Are there anything that you want to remain as it is forever?

Takahashi: The feeling around the period when I debuted. The attitude towards each and every job.

Kouno: Everyone’s energy.

Nagaku: Convenience shops!

150) What must you have for breakfast?

Takahashi: Bread, rice…leftovers from the previous night’s meal. Anything goes as long as they are delicious!

Kouno: Yogurt drink!

Nagaku: There are times I skip breakfast, so I don’t really have any preferences.

151) Any high tech goods you want at this moment?

Takahashi: I want a drink bar (free flow drinks dispenser) at home!

Kouno: Anywhere door! (Doraemon)


Nagaku: Facial massager/steamer! (repeats 4 times)

152) What kind of otaku are you?

Takahashi: Female seiyuu otaku……maybe? (laughs)

Kouno: Otome games (games targeted at females) otaku.

Nagaku: Pudding otaku.

153) What kind of housework do you like, dislike? For example, cooking, sewing, laundry, cleaning..etc

Takahashi: I like sewing. I want to be able to remodel my clothes someday!

Kouno: I’m not particularly good at these, but I like cooking, doing the laundry and sewing~! I’m bad at cleaning though…

Nagaku: I like doing the laundry! I’m bad at sewing and cleaning though…

154) What do you carry in your bag? What about your favourite stuff inside?

Takahashi: I have  key holders of the characters I acted out attached to my keys. When no one is looking, I take them out and admire them.

Kouno: Beef jerky.

Nagaku: I changed out my notebooks sometimes, but there will always be fan letters inside my bag!

155) Frankly, in terms of things that require senses, what are you terrible in?

Takahashi: Gauging the distribution of drinks. At meal times, my cup will always not be filled properly, and there are times I over-poured and spilled my drinks.

Kouno: Sense of direction. Even if I know the address, or am following a map, I’ll still get lost. That’s why I always use the GPS and slowly make my way to the destination while confirming my position.

Nagaku: I get told that my sense of taste is bad. I mean, adding honey to curry rice makes it delicious, right!?

156) Do you feel like you are jinxed by something?

Takahashi: At the audition that I took on, I kept on thinking about how the voice of the character doesn’t come to me.

Kouno: Somehow everyone who saw me, end up wanting to eat beef jerky.

Nagaku: I feel like there is, but it just won’t come to me now!

157) What beverages do you usually drink?

Takahashi: While going for recording or dubbing, I drink this yogurt-flavoured water. It feels like a good fit with the condition of my mouth!

Kouno: Milk tea, jasmine tea, barley tea and melon soda.

Nagaku: Water and tea~!

158) Whose house will be good for a stay-over?

Takahashi: Gakkyu’s house. I wanna tidy up her room together and make it the base for our sleepovers.

Kouno: We need to discuss first~!

Nagaku: Anyone’s house is good! I wanna eat Rieri’s mum’s cooking, and also admire Marinka’s cat!

Photo credit : Earphones official twitter

End of Part 2
Earphones is participating at AFASG’18 in their first overseas performance. Get your tickets from AFA!

Do support earphones at their monthly radio show!

This report was published in Earphones official web page. 


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