Earphones Sankitousen! Illumination Plan

Note: Firstly, I apologise as this is not going to be a translated article. I’ll get back to them next month after my trip.

Earphones got invited as artistes as part of phase 1 of the annual C3AFASG’s I Love Anisong‘s lineup, and this being their first overseas performance, I would like to do something special for them.

Picture credit: SOZO

Although it may be a little over-ambitious, I have 2 plans in mind to carry out to commemorate their performance.

The first plan is the flower stand project, which I have already created a page for it. The design and illustration are in their interim stages and will be finalised after consultations with the florist and illustrator. For those who wish to participate in this project (anyone is welcome, even overseas fans who cannot make it!), the link to sign up is here. Please also fill up this form so that I can collate your participation.

Now, the second plan is to light up the hall (well, not the entire hall) during one of their songs. Sankitousen! is usually their last song on their set, and it’s almost guaranteed to be on their coming set list due to its infectious melody and audience participation.

For this plan, I would provide Row A-F with UOs (I’ll explain later), which are ultra bright light sticks that last for 2-3 minutes. For those in these rows, and would like to use their own UOs, I would appreciate if you can pass on these UOs to the rows behind of you. I am grateful to have some strategically placed volunteers to pass these around after entering the hall.

The Execution
Sankitousen! is a song filled with pop culture references from Akihabara. With lyrics like, “Are you a fan of DOS? Or perhaps Windows 98?”, “Fans, DDs gather!“, it is arguably Earphones’ most popular song.

Now here’s the part. Around 3/4 through the song, they will break out into a rap, and finish the rap portion with “I’ll be back“, that is when the song will pause and they will look down. This is your cue to get those UOs ready and break them. Marinka (Kouno Marika, the center in blue) will start to sing “UO焚いたエモめの景色 Ctrl+S” (UO taita emome no keishiki CTRL+S) which means “Press Ctrl+S on the emotional image of the UOs lighting up”. This is where everyone should raise their UOs in tandem to create this image below.

Photo credit: Animeanime.jp

Here is a video with instructions! (just the condensed version)

There will be some people in the crowd who will pass an instruction card with a UO glow stick, so please help to pass down to the rows behind you!

sankitousen card.jpg
This is the card that you will receive. The UO will be attached on top, between the 2 dotted lines.

Thank you for reading this post! Also, if you do not need the UO and card, please pass it down to the next row! The more people involved, the better! I really appreciate it!

All photos/videos you see here belong to their respective owners.


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