Q&A with Kohara Konomi (15/9/18)

Kohara Konomi has once again held a Q&A. You can refer to the previous parts below;

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Her favourite scarf.

Q: I found out about Kohara-san from Asobi Asobase. For the past series you appeared in, which one is a must-watch?

A: It’ll make me happy no matter which one you watch, but if I have to recommend one, I’d say Tsuki ga Kirei.

Q: 🙂

A: :)

Q: Whenever I had to pose for photos, the lack of variation over the poses always gave me a headache. Lol are there any poses that you often do?

A: It’s also a struggle for me because I can’t think of any. It’s really difficult, isn’t it. After all, your own perceived charm points can be quite different from others’ opinions.

Q: What type of hair style and colour do you want to challenge next time?

A: I want to keep a long hair again! But, I also want to do a short cut once!! Lol

Q: What type of part-time work have you done before?

A: I worked at a convenience shop, a steakhouse and Muji! I worked for more than 4 years at the convenience shop and Muji.

Q: How do you take care of your skin?

A: Apply moisturizer often!! I’m not the type who applies a face mask everyday. Taking care of your skin is really tough. (cries)

Q: Let’s be honest, are Rikachi (Nagae Rika) and Pi-chan (Kino Hina) making too much of a nuisance?

A: That’s not the case!! They are always thinking of how to bring enjoyment to everyone (●´人`●) Even though my character in the show has a short fuse, I’m really not angry at all, in fact I think they are make the mood really joyous and they are both very cute. I think the 3 of us strike a good balance.

Q: What is the standard amount of time you require to get up from your bed?

A: It depends on that day itself (,,•﹏•,,) When I’m fast, I’m really fast, there are times where I just stay in all the way till noon time. I also hope that I can get up by 7am on my off days.

Q: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

A: Draw open the curtains!

Q: I really like your portrayal of Akane in Tsuki ga Kirei! How was the experience of acting as her?

: It was more of a surreal experience of becoming Akane in the process. It was a little embarrassing as half of my acting would portray myself, and the other half, Akane. I’m really thankful to the director for allowing me to project this image onto Akane.

Q: I really like Asobi Asobase’s Kasumi! How did it feel acting as her?

: It’s just very enjoyable! I think it’s not usual to have a role which you can get away with doing anything you want ✨ I also like Kasumi-san a lot.

Q: Do you go on dates with your husband (Zucchi) ?

: Once in a while (✿´ ꒳ ` )♡ ufufufu

Q: WIll Kohara-san be appearing in any magazine publications or photo book? I’m looking forward to them!

: Nope! Not at all! For a person like me…that’s not possible! But, it’ll indeed be fun.

Q: I have been practicing the piano for 13 years now, does Kohara-san do any
practice of any sorts?

: 13 years!!! That’s amazing ✨ I think swimming, basketball and badminton? I should have done something like ballet.

Q: What pokemon do you like?

: Jumpluff! So cute 💖

Q: Do you want to become sadistic?

: If the situation calls for me to be sadistic during acting, maybe. Being normal is still nicer.. lol

Q: Though it’s the same question as the previous time, what is Kohara-san thinking at this moment of time?

: Since I’ve just answered the question about pokemon before this, Jumpluff is on my mind now lol.

Q: Do you talk to your dad about your work?

: I talk to my mum more often. However, I’ll let them know about my work-related announcements. It makes me happy when I see them beaming happily. My dad is always the happier one lol.

Q: I have an interview for an entrance examination coming up soon (>_<) Please share with me any tricks to get rid of the nerves 💦

: That’s really important…! I get nervous too, so i understand what you are going through now. As for me, I tell myself “Since I have come all the way here, there’s no turning back”, and that in a sense is a spirit of defiance. I think you have already heard many words of encouragement, so I will say this to you “It’s alright! It’s human nature to be nervous, I’m sure the interviewer understands that as well, so just go there with a defiant spirit ✨”

Q: I’m going to ask something serious, what do you think about being made to participate in punishment games during live broadcasts?

: If it makes the viewers happy ✨ Although it’s embarrassing, it doesn’t really bother me.

Q: Are you the type who eats your favourite food, or do you leave it to the end?

: I eat it right away ♡

Q: Does Koko-chan know that you have fans from overseas?

: I know them from the letters and comments received. Despite being from different countries, they go out of their way to find out about me. I’m really happy about that. Thank you. I hope to be able to go overseas to meet everyone in the future.

Q: What do you do when you get sleepy in the middle of class?

: Sleep! Lol

Q: This isn’t a question but I just want to let you know that you are my favourite seiyuu! I’m supporting you all the way!

: Thank you! Thank you! Really, really thank you so much!! I’m over the moon!!!!!

Q: Other than Korres lipstick, do you have any other things you have been using for a long time?

: I don’t think there are any. If they are accessories, maybe a ring?

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This Q&A was first published on 15 September 2018 on Instagram. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners.


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