Q&A with Kohara Konomi (14/9/18) Part 3

Kohara Konomi has once again held a Q&A. You can refer to the previous parts below;

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The cosmetics products she is using at the moment.

Q: How has work been recently?

: I’m really thankful for every work I have, I’m enjoying myself. But, I have some announcements to make… Just wait for a while, okay?♫

Q: Recently, music games are getting popular in arcades, are there any games that Koko-chan is getting in recently?

: I don’t go to the arcade… I also don’t play app-based games… I went to try VR recently ^ ^, but because the bridge of my nose is too low, the goggle kept slipping down lolol

Q: What type of nail style are you sporting for autumn?

: I’ve been going to the salon of late, so I want to do them myself this time. I’m bad at them though lol.

Q: What is Koko-chan’s 3rd favourite food?

: Could this question be following the format of the segment in “Radio Dottoai” I’m really happy! And also nostalgic ✨ For now, it is pork soup! By the way, in 2nd place is egg sandwich, and 1st place is grilled rice ball. lol

Photo credit: Ajinomoto

Q: What are your favourite foods?

: Putting aside order, milk is on my mind now🥛.

Q: I really admire you!!!! I’m supporting you! Sorry that this isn’t a question…

: Why are you apologizing!! I’m happy! Thank you ✨ I’ll continue to work hard.

Q: I wanna see a cat.

: I’ll feature a cute one next time lol.

Q: What made you want to become a seiyuu?

: I had the thought of becoming an actor, that’s when my primary school teacher and my mum told me that I’m more suitable working in a field that utilizes my voice. I wrote about this before so please check back if you want to.*

*I linked the post in the first Q&A that I translated a while ago. Since this seems to be a popular question, I might as well translate that here. Basically she always had interest in a job that uses her voice, but she had a complex about her voice, until her teacher and mum encouraged her.

Q: How do you approach a person you like?

: I wonder… If I don’t know that person yet, I will start with by striking a conversation first.

Q: What are your favourite cosmetic products?

: I talked about it earlier, but I like the lip butter from Korres! Also, lip cream is a must! Moisturizing is important! As for foundation, I use this brand called to/one.

Q: Which senior do you look up to?

: Everyone is really wonderful, so I can’t choose…

Q: What spot do you recommend for autumn?

: It has to be changing colours of the leaves after all. As for a spot in the city, Hakone is good ♫

Q: Does Koko-chan have any particular style or taste for hairstyles and clothes?

: I think something that isn’t too embarrassing. I like simple stuff. With simplicity comes the option to play with accessories, but it still is tough matching them. I also like weird watches.

Q: It’s been some time since you started living alone, have you gotten used to it?

: More or less (○´U`○) The only thing is that since the time spent being alone increased, so I feel lonely more often.

Q: Are there any shoujo mangas you would like to recommend?

: I haven’t read any recently at all. However, as for those I’ve finished, I’d recommend
Shiki no Zenjitsu.

Q: Was there any incident that made you cry recently?

: I’m easily moved to tears, I can also cry while laughing lol. As for something recent, I guess it’s when I received everyone’s letters and presents for my birthday. No, really. Thank you so much for the letters and replies. The least I can do is to thank everyone here. Please forgive me.

Q: What do you want to attempt in your lifetime?

: Sky diving!

Q: Do you have any recommendations for an eatery in Tokyo?

A: Could this be about a date!! Waa ♡ You didn’t give me any details though. (cries) Sorry about that. A place I go to regularly with Zucchi is Asakusa!! There are many shops selling delicious food there! Just strolling around there is fun too, you can even walk to the Sky Tree!!

Q: What do you do to take care of your throat?

: I keep an undiluted solution of propolis at home, and bring around a spray when I go out. It stings when I use it in winter, literally wincing in pain and it felt like dying.

Q: Do you go to animal cafes?

: I haven’t gone to any yet. It’s really getting popular recently right?

Q: Has it been going well with your husband (Zucchi) recently? Lol

A: Why are you laughing! Lol. It’s going well. We made plans to go out while talking ♫

Q: How are you?:)

A: I’m always fine!!♡

Q: Are there any interesting stories from the set of Asobi Asobase?

: While fumbling over the script, I would let out weird sounds like “Voom!” or laughter like “eeheehee!!” before correcting myself lol.

Q: What was the episode for Asobi Asobase that drained out the most strength?

: I had to use everything in me for all the episodes, so I can’t choose lolol. But, I would say the later half is really intense. lol

Q: Are there any food that you are bad with?

: I can’t eat any shellfish at all… (cries)

Q: Do you want to sing Inkya Impulse (ED for Asobi Asobase) in Karaoke?

: It is a song that will blow away all your stress! Maybe the 3 of us should go next time.

Q: What is your hobby?

A: I like making pierced earrings and visiting art museums.

Q: Do you belong to the Mushroom camp or the Bamboo Shoots camp?

: You are referring to the chocolate right? Lol I’d side with the Bamboo Shoots.

Q: Where is the furthest you have been to for a trip?

: I went for study trips to Hokkaido and Okinawa.

Q: I will be going to Kawagoe soon. Are there any places you would like to recommend for this season?

: Irregardless of seasons, I’d like you to visit Hikawa bridge. Depending on the season, the view changes. It’s a place I like a lot.

Photo credit: Kawagoe Kankou

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This Q&A was first published on 14 September 2018 on Instagram. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners.

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