Q&A with Kohara Konomi (14/9/18) Part 2

Kohara Konomi has once again held a Q&A. You can refer to the previous parts below;

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An ethnic-style pork soup which Kohara had some time ago.

Q: I really like Koko-chan’s portrayal of Kasumi-chan! Was there anything you were conscious of while acting?

A: Thank you so much (*´꒳`*) I’m so happy to hear these words ✨

Q: What are your favourite movies?

A: Princess Mononoke and Burlesque. I like them so much that I bought their DVDs!

Q: What kind of sneakers did you buy recently?

A: I bought sneakers from NIKE and VANS recently ♫ I’ll feature them here at a good timing.

Q: Have you bought your autumn wear?

A: I bought them already (*˘︶˘*)✨ I really like autumn and winter wear! I shopped at Muji just the other day. I’m also curious about everyone! Have you bought your autumn essentials?

Q: Please share with us 3 things that you want to do.

A: By that, you mean at this moment? Day trip, photos taking trip, go to the beach to pick up fragments of glass!

Q: What’s Koko-chan’s theme song?

A: I love listening to Kawashima Ai’s Synchro.


Q: Are there any colours you want to try dyeing for your hair?

A: A colour like milk tea ( *´艸`) I’d only need to bleach my hair once, so I want to try it before I turn 30, but I think the colour probably won’t look good on me. Lol

Q: I started browsing Instagram recently! How do you switch your mood around after you wake up in the morning?

A: Welcome-! Thank you for reading. Taking a shower could help to tackle that lousy feeling when you get up. Another way you can try is to wrap yourself beneath the futon and shout out loud. It is kind of surreal though. Lol

Q: What type of sports do you like?

A: Badminton! Basketball!

Q: Who else do you support in Hanebado! other than Elena?

A: Ehh, that’s difficult. It’s difficult to toss away either Ayano or Nagisa, but if it was up to my personal impression, I would say maybe “Ayano’s mum”. Ōhara Sayaka-san really took care of me during recording and talked to me countless times. She even gave me a present to commemorate the start of me living alone (●´ー`●) I’ll treasure it. She’s a really wonderful senior.

Q: Who is the lewd one? Zucchi or Nike?*

A: The hero! (Immediate response) Zucchi is a really kind and gentlemanly person. I like her to the point that I wanna marry her. (I’d repeat this no matter how many times)

*Nike is the character that Zucchi plays in Mahōjin Guru Guru.

Q: Since Asobi Asobase is ending soon, will you get lonely? I would be really…

: Same here. The radio is also ending soon (,,•﹏•,,) It’ll make me happy if everyone can continue to support the series.

Q: Seeing Kasumi-san as she is, what was Koko-chan like back in high school?

: I wasn’t anything like Kasumi-chan lol. I’m still the same as back then. I was not a gyaru. I put on a thin layer of makeup, and I was really your average student ^ ^

Q: Of all the characters you acted as so far, which interaction left the deepest impression?

: It’s something that happened at the set of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san. Sanae (Ogura Yui), Yurika (M.A.O) and Mina (Myself) really bought matching clothes and went for the recording in them lol. There are many other warm moments like that, the studio setting was really fun.

Q: Does Koko-chan have a driving license? Or any other license that you want to share with us?

A: I don’t possess any. None at all lol. Sorry for being dull~💦

Q: Are there any events that I can get to see Konomi-san? I’ll be even happier if it gets held in Kawagoe!

: If there are any, I’ll announce it ♫ An event in Kawagoe!? That’s basically my dream! ✨It’ll be nice if this wish gets granted.

Q: Please shout “Apocrine sweat glands!” using Kasumi-san’s voice!*

: I can’t do it through the net, but I did that together with Hina lol.

*This is a gag scene from episode 3. Watch it to understand the context.

Q: Will you be going to Kawagoe Festival this year?

: I would go if I’m able to ✨ It was unfortunate with the rain last year though. I think it will surely be more enjoyable if the sun is out.

Q: Has Kuu-chan been well recently? I hope to hear more of Kuu-chan’s stories again!

: He seems to be doing well. I haven’t seen him since June, so I wanna meet him again. Kuu was originally a stray and loitered around our house 2 months after he was born. He was getting bullied by the kids in the neighbourhood and I shouted at them “What do you think you are doing!”, and I carried him and ran back home. “This situation..what should I do?” That was how he became part of our household.

Q: Have you been to Wakayama?

: Nope! I haven’t been to many places in Japan, so that’s why I wanted to explore more of Japan before heading overseas.

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This Q&A was first published on 14 September 2018 on Instagram. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners.

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