Q&A with Kohara Konomi (14/9/18)

Kohara Konomi has once again held a Q&A. You can refer to the previous parts below;

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One of her favourite earrings.

Q: Are there any roles that you want to act as?

A: I don’t have any particular characters in mind, but rather, I want to act out a humanly role ✨ Sorry for the ambiguous reply.

Q: How do you iron out your worries?

A: By talking to my mum. I’d always feel calm and relaxed afterwards.

Q: I’m having a camp now! Do you like the outdoors? 🏕

A: Yes! Sounds fun ( *´艸`) I like the outdoors. But it’s been more than 15 years since I last went to a camp. Reading this makes me excited ✨

Q: Koko-chan, what do you like more, traditional Japanese confectionery or western-styled ones?

A: I’d say western-styled ones. But! I do think that whipped (fresh) cream and red bean paste are a good pairing ✨ lol

Q: Did you discover any new milk products that made you satisfied?

A: At the set of Asobi Asobase Radio, I was given this snack called kajitsu no fuku, the milky taste of the daifuku was really delicious ♡ Everyone should try it too ✨

Q: Something that you want to do recently!

A: A trip, even if it’s just a one-day trip!

Q: What’s the most enjoyable thing being a seiyuu?

A: The most enjoyable thing is being able to act.

Q: Good evening Koko-chan~! Where do you want to go, Disneyland or sea? 🐭🏰💗

A: A while ago, the 3 of us from the Asoken (Asobinin Research Society) actually went to Disneyland, so this time I want to go to Disneysea ♫

Q: Can you cook fried rice?

A: I haven’t made it before lol. Since you have to spread the rice out evenly when cooking, I think it’s a difficult dish to make.

Q: Other than Ishigami-san, are there any other seiyuus you meet up in your personal time?

A: Yep. (o^^o) Recently, I’ve been meeting up with the other 2 members of the research society (Kino Hina-chan and Nagae Rika-chan). Also, I meet up with the female seiyuus from Tsuki ga Kirei.

Q: Are there any anime or movies that piqued your interest?

A: Yep! I watched Killing for the Prosecution (Kensatsugawa no Zainin) and Penguin Highway recently!

Q: What are some songs on your playlist recently?

A: If we go by play times, it’ll be Climax jump from Kamen Rider Den-Ou. My brother was watching the show and listening to the song felt nostalgic. Also, I’ve been listening to Kingyou sukui by Yukano. It’s a lovely song.

Q: You have always been thanking people, how about receiving them, are there any recent occurring like that?

A: Even though I don’t really respond to everyone’s thankful messages, I feel happy whenever I get one, and I keep them in my heart (✿´ ꒳ ` ) There is one instance when I was still working in Muji, where the customer wrote in to compliment me after I served her, it really made me happy at that time.

Q: Do you play any games other than Dragon Quest?

A: Yup! I play Momotato Densetsu, Animal Crossing for example. Also, Namco Musuem!

Q: How old is your father now? (politely)

A: My father is in his late 50s. (Politely)

Q: How long do you spend playing with your cat in a single day? (back at your parents’ home)

A: Not too long, if not he will find me a nuisance, but I’ll set aside some time to play with him. I miss Kuu so much now.

Q: Will there be a OP/ED singing event for Asobi Asobase?

A: If there is one, I’ll announce it!! Though, I don’t think it’s likely lol.

Q: Are there any moments you thought that “It’s a miracle.” Or did you encounter moments like that?

A: I don’t know how to define miraculous, but ever since I started this job, I’ve had many miraculous moments.

Q: Please share with us a recommendation for a novel or book?

A: I really like this book called “Love Generation”. I feel like buying it again and re-read.

Q: For Koko-chan, what’s the happiest moment of your life so far?

A: Ehhhh! Too many…. For now, I would say last year’s ‘Tsuki ga Kirei Thanksgiving Festival~Kawagoe Minaka Culture Festival’, where i cried at the greetings at the end. When I looked at everyone’s faces, I didn’t know what to say out, but I felt everyone’s warm support and that pushed me through. At that moment, I cried again, but it was really a blessed and happy moment.

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This Q&A was first published on 14 September 2018 on Instagram. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners.

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