Q&A with Kohara Konomi (13/9/18)

Kohara Konomi has once again held a Q&A. You can refer to the previous parts below;

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


This is the lipstick she has been using for the past 8 years.

Q: Thank you for the hard work ☺️ What is the moment that defines the start of autumn for you?

: Other than the change in temperature and outfits, the smell of the air changes with each season. I love autumn 🍁

Q: The 10th episode of Asobi Asobase was really amusing! Did you face any difficulties during acting?

A: Thank you. I’m really happy that you find it enjoyable. I’m not really good at planning ahead, so I go with my gut feel while interacting with everyone else. As for the gags in the series, I did consider about them beforehand. lol

Q: What is autumn symbolic for?

A: The autumn colours of the folliage…maybe. Also, though there is a saying “Autumn of Reading”, for me it’s “Autumn of Appetite” ( ˘ ³˘) lol

Q: hy.wazzup😂

A: Hello, I’m very well😋

*I didn’t make any edits to this. 

Q: Did you do the “chinsukou” scene in one take?

A: I fumbled on the words so we had to go through it twice… As for which word I made a mistake on… Secret♡

*This scene is from episode 10 of Asobi Asobase (watch it and you’ll know 🙂)

Q: Cute classic character

A: Thankyou.(ノ*´>ω<)ノ

Q: What do you do to raise your spirits when you get depressed?

: Talk to people close to me. Not just hearing the words “You’ll be fine.”, I feel grateful after hearing that and receiving a pep talk from them, and makes me want to work hard.

Q: Do you watch any other shows other than the one you appear in? Also, if you did, what did you enjoy watching recently?

: Of course! I’m watching “Cells at Work”, “High School Girl” along with other shows too ✨

Q: What dish is the pride of your household?

: There is one, but we don’t have a name for it… It’s a dish that has shirataki noodles, carrots and leek simmered in soy sauce stock. It’s my dad favourite food since I was young, and it’s a recipe passed down from my grandma (✿´ ꒳ ` ) It’s a dish that is enjoyed by everyone in the household. I also hope to master the dish..

Q: Please tell me about your makeup tips and choice of clothes!

: Your kind words…It really isn’t anything much… ( ; ; )Other than my fondness for lipstick, everything else is basic makeup. I don’t use an eyelash curler so I didn’t get one. I like simple clothes. I still love Muji🧡 Their clothes are muted so they are perfect to pair with some colourful accessories ( *´艸`) I’ll finish the outfit with red socks ♫ I love socks too 💕

Q: What is Kuu-chan’s (her cat) no.1 charm point? Even behaviour is okay!

: What a difficult question! Lol hmm, it has to be his eyes i guess.  Ah! Wrong! He has this bald spot between his eyes and ears, and I find that really cute💕 In the end, I find every part of him cute. Those people who love cats will share the same feeling as me ^ ^

Q: Having voiced a number of characters now, are there any lines that is etched into your heart?

: There are a lot of them but, the most memorable one is from the last scene of the last episode for Mahōjin Guru Guru. “You’re the best Guru Guru user to the hero, Nike.” This line was really amazing… After recording ended, I broke down in tears when Zucchi said “Thank you” to me.

Q: Please share with us your favorite food for autumn!

: I wanna eat persimmon! As for other food…hmm. There’s a lot, but I have a craving for chawanmushi (steamed egg), is that just me? Lol. Please tell me your recommendations as well ✨

Q: When was it when you had your longest hair?

: Hmm, I think it was last year when I met everyone for the first time at Tsuki ga Kirei’s screening at Anime Japan.

Q: What are your thoughts on Tsuki ga Kirei?

A: I have many thoughts on this. Really. I am truly happy to be involved in this series. Even after it ended, I’m still receiving lots of love from everyone. There are also some backstories… One of them is about the similar points between me and Akane when I first joined the company. I talked about it before, so please look for what I wrote if you want to. Also, the name “Benippo” (the sweet potato soft toy in the show) was christened by me ✨ Heh heh. I really would love to talk about Tsuki ga Kirei in front of everyone again.

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This Q&A was first published on 13 September 2018 on Instagram. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners.

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