Rieri’s Diary (Producer Meeting 2018)

Producer Meeting 2018
What is TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I was called in as a guest for both days!

I’ll be happy if you can take your time to read this, and relive back the memories of that day while listening to the songs on that day.

rieri 1108a.jpg

When I close my eyes, I still see the fresh memory of those 2 days. Even though a few days have passed since, I feel really contented.

The inspiring moments, the endless stream of surprises.

It started with greeting and thanking all the producers
and everyone involved,

Wherever they turn their eyes to, everyone would meet them,
It felt like everyone is looking intently at the performance.

Those gazes were always warm and endearing.

Whether it was the dance or the songs, everyone took them in warmly.

It wasn’t something forceful,
But a genuine feeling of happiness which I felt from everyone.

Being able to stand on that wonderful stage,
as an invited guest,

It was an honor for me,
though I felt just a little jealous as Shika… (laughs)

“I’ll definitely treasure my time up there with everyone!”
This was the resolve i had before I went out.

Singing Blooming Star on that very stage,

So as not to let down the president and Miki-chan,

Receiving the confidence from Akabane-san,

Being handed the baton of melody from Nu-san,

Given advice by Hara-san,

Shimoda-san’s smile when I talked to her,

Being welcomed by Hirata-san,

Getting praised by Kugimiya-san,

Being patted on the shoulders by Chiaki-san,

Wakabayashi-san saying, “I’m looking forward to it.”

The high touch with Nigo-san made me really happy,

Asakura-san for lending a ear to me,

Imai-san for listening to me,

Nakamura-san for waiting for me,

All the producers for being there for me,

Gave birth to the performance on that day.

I can’t even describe the happiness I felt,
after singing on that stage for the first time,

I can’t thank everyone enough,
for the warmth I received……!

I wondered,
In what shape did these feelings reach all the producers?

rieri 1108b.jpg

If I could meet a character who would stand beside me in this world, I wish to express it out like this.

I want to shower her with love and affection.

I want to express my gratitude,
for all the emotions I received from The Idolmaster.

For the me who has given up hope on this dream,
Shika extended her hands to me from the world I love so much.

Perhaps Shika was born,
from a corner of the series.

But to me,
Shika came to this world,
and she asked for a voice.

I want to continue to inscribe my gratitude, confidence and thought,
to the Idolmaster world!



From now on,
to once again stand on this stage as Shika,

I want to repay my gratitude with more performances to everyone in 765 Production.

Every expression is different,
from Stella Stage, Mirishita’s performance, the CD recordings, Producer meetings.

I want to continue to deliver more and more sides of Shika.

Please continue to watch over me!

To everyone in 765 Production,
To all the producers,

Really, really, danke schön!!!!!!!!!!!!!♪

rieri 1108c.jpg

This blog was first published on 11 August 2018 on Rieri’s Diary. All images and content you see here belong to their respective owners.


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