Q&A with Kohara Konomi (16/7/18)

This is the final part of Kohara’s Q&A on Instagram. Enjoy 🙂

She really does have a quite vast range of voice, from the squeaky Mina (Takagi-san), the soft spoken Akane (Tsuki ga Kirei), to this season’s wing girl, Elena (Hanebado!). She may have made her debut as a seiyuu rather late, but judging from her repertoire and early career success, I think she does have potential to garner more main roles in the future.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Q: What time of the day do you read your letters and comments?

For Instagram, I read it as soon as I received the notifications. I visit everyone’s profiles too. ^ – ^ As for letters, I read them at home. ✨ I’m happy to receive reports about your lives. There are times when I think, “Ah, so it’s like that! I’m glad.” (laughs) I’m really happy to receive these letters. Thank you!

Q: What brand of clothing do you like?

I like the range of clothes from bulle de savon. ✨ I’m also on good terms with the shop staff. ✨ I also like stuff from Muji..etc.

Q: I watched Kohara-san’s nico live a while ago, and it seems that in the past you are someone who gets messed around?

A: That’s strange.. (laughs) Quite the opposite instead, I’m the one who fools around..lol

Q: Have you got to play Summer Pockets* yet? (I really like Shiroha, she’s so cute.)

Not yet!!!! Everyone! How was it? Is it fun? Did you get to date Shiroha? Thank you for saying you like Shiroha! Super happy!

*Summer pockets is Key’s 13th game. They are famed for visual novels like Air, Kanon, Clannad..etc. Kohara plays Naruse Shiroha in it.

Q: Do you know Akane’s (Tsuki ga Kirei) birthday? Kōtaro’s birthday was revealed within the story, but not Akane’s, so it’s a little sad.

A: Actually, I don’t know myself too. But, even without her birthday being revealed,
Kōtaro will surely celebrate with her! Tsuki ga Kirei is not just a setting, a lot of details went into it, the school, scenery, all the locations, and even the background sounds of Kawagoe are painstakingly modeled after real life environment, so you will feel happy no matter how many times you watch it.

Q: If you are given a chance to hold a birthday event, how would it be like?

A: Such a dreamlike event… ✨ I guess an event where you feel at home. Also, a place where I can directly express out my gratitude. Not the thankful words for being able to hold the event, but gratitude for always supporting me. In that way, I’ll be able to remember everyone’s faces!

Q: What is your regret in your life?

A: I can’t just single one out. At my previous job, my resume could not pass through at all, really. That is why when I decided on applying for a seiyuu agency, I did not want it to be dragged out and went in with the preparedness to give up if I couldn’t get accepted by Office Osawa. I have many things I regret.

Q: What do you end up buying at convenience shops?

A: Milk! Lol and whipped cream! Somehow it ended up being quite rich (taste) lol. ✨ How about everyone?

Q: How do I become a master of Koko-chan?*

A: Why does this sound like a Dragon Quest job lol. The journey must be arduous right? (laughs) Yes, that’s right just by liking me, knowing about my roles is more than enough! ✨ In that way, anyone who asked me questions are already masters. Thank you for writing articles and reports about me! (´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥`) **

*Probably asking how to become someone who knows everything about Kohara.
**The person who submitted this question is probably someone who writes event reports or edited Kohara’s Wikipedia entry.

Q: What is Koko-chan’s treasure?

A: If it’s a physical thing, it would be a ring which I received from my mum when I was young as well as a toy accessory which my grandpa gave me. I still treat them with great care now. They are my protective charms!

Q: Will you be opening a Twitter account?

A: I don’t have a Twitter account now. ゚(/□\*)゚ I probably won’t start it later too. I feel that Instagram is easier to use, that’s why I started it. ✨ I’m really thankful to everyone who went out of their way to install Instagram just to follow me.

Q: What’s your aim for the second half of this year?

A: To be a composed person! And as usual, to continue working hard at work!

Q: At your first workplace (recording studio), who was the first person who greeted and talked to you?

A: I didn’t go to the extent of remembering such details, but it was probably the first person who could talk to me? Probably! (laughs)

Q: What’s the one place you want to go now? (For me, it’s the atmosphere)

A: The place I want to go, like now right? Mm. (Parents’) Home! (laughs)
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This Q&A was first published on 16 July 2018 on Instagram. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners.

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