Q&A with Kohara Konomi (15/7/18) Part 2

This is part 3 of Kohara’s Q&A on Instagram. Enjoy 🙂
Part 1
Part 2


Q: Do you listen to any other seiyuu’s radio shows?

A: To be honest, I don’t. But, I do catch bits of radio here and there. ✨ Do you have any recommended radio shows to share with me?

Q: What do you do on your off days~?

Sometimes I go out, and on some days I stay at home the entire time. (*´꒳`*) I like going to the museums too. Being able to sleep past noon is also a blessing. ufufu

Q: What roles do you want to take on next?

A: I said previously that I want to take on a character who has no qualms airing out her opinions, and it has not changed, but I do want to try voicing a character who is as humane as possible. Sorry for the strange answer.

Q: Please tell us Zucchi’s charms and her amazing features from a seiyuu point of view.

A: Ahh once I start, I can’t stop okay? Her personality is charming after all. I’m sure everyone can see that too right! As for me, another point she excels in is her acting! Her acting for every role is different. She was a boy for Nike (Mahōjin Guru Guru), and has had plenty of elder sister roles. At the recording studio for Guruguru, I was able to learn as Kukuri (Kohara’s role) everytime I had to act, it was all thanks to Zucchi that I was able to grow as a seiyuu together with Kukuri. While we were doing the recording, Zucchi will always tell me, “It’s fine” no matter what happens. Hearing the words, “No matter what happens, I will protect Koko-chan.” at that moment really made feel glad that Ishigami Shizuka-san was the hero in the lead role. I still love her very much now.

Q: Any shops you went recently that you want to recommend?

A:  I like Nakagawa-masashichi chain of stores. (*´꒳`*) They have a nice range of daily necessities as well as gift ideas, so I often visit them. ✨

Q: What’s Koko-chan height?

159cm. ^ – ^ Very average height… (laughs)

Q: Are you continuing to cook? Have you managed to increase your repertoire?

Somehow or rather, I have been continuing to cook. As for my cooking repertoire… mmm. For example, teriyaki chicken, vegetables soup… simple stuff like these. I’m going to try baked curry rice next time. Also, I feel like eating hanpen* now. (laughs)

*Stuffed fish cake

Q: During stage greetings, you had to keep the flow of the conversation going, were you given the chance to do something like this previously?*

No, (,,•﹏•,,) the first event i had to host was last year’s ‘Tsuki ga Kirei Kawagoe san chuu culture festival’, where I took part in my first talk show. Other than that, I was also in ‘Gurunavi Radio’, where I had the opportunity to learn from Zucchi. Zucchi is really good at keeping the conversation flow! ✨
Though I’m bad at being an MC, I will work hard on it!

*The question is asking if Kohara’s conversation skills came from previous emcee-ing opportunities.

Q: Do you think you are more of a busybody or spoilt child?

Hmm. Both i guess? That’s all! (laughs)

Q: Do you think it is fine to start chasing your dreams no matter what age you started from?

A: I think it is fine. But for that part, chasing a dreams and taking actions are proof of your courage. But, not taking any actions will be a waste of that dream! Because everyone is given the same amount of time, ✨please work hard towards that!

Q: Please share with us Kuu-chan’s charm points.

A: Too many.. He is a mass of healing power, as well as the best behaved member of our family. Though he doesn’t speak, Kuu is like a human. He is cute and a family member I love deeply.

Q: Which areas do you think you are lacking in now?

A: There are quite a few, but I would say the number 1 would be ‘composure’. I would like to become a more composed person.

Q: Do you love your fans?

Of course. (*´꒳`*) Just by being there for me, and even receiving letters from everyone makes me very happy. ✨ There are people who also come from faraway places just to attend my events. That’s why I want to try to remember, not just your names, but your faces too. But for now, I want to repay this gratitude with my acting and by working hard! Thank you always for supporting me.

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This Q&A was first published on 15 July 2018 on Instagram. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners.

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