Q&A with Kohara Konomi (15/7/18)

This is part 2 of Kohara’s Q&A on Instagram. Enjoy 🙂
Part 1


Q: How do you go about acting out your characters?

A: I will consider the story as well as the personalities of the characters. To be honest, outside of that I don’t really have a fixed formula on how to tackle them. Maybe I would try to find any common points between me and the characters and move from there. ^ ^
I won’t put together or phrase out the lines prior to going to the studio. Because I think having a (natural) dialogue with the person acting out is important after all. (I want to get better at doing this)

Q: Please share with us your favourite sweets. 🍭

A: Right now, I like this whipped cream shake by the fresh cream specialists. ❤️ I also like their milky soft cream parfait and soft cream!!!! (laughs)

Q: I became a fan of you after watching Gakubaby (Gakuen babysitters)! Please share with us any interesting backstage stories.

A: Thank you so much. ゚(/□\*)゚ I’m really happy to hear that! The studio was always full with laughter as there was lots of ad lib for the children’s lines. ^ ^ We were talking about what would everyone’s kids be like when they grow up. ♫

Q: Do you have any favourite granola flavor?

A: Actually I just ate some for the first time! I like the chocolate-flavored ones!

Q: What does Koko-chan does to relax?

A: Doing things I like, going to places on my bucket list. ✨ Of course, sleeping is one of the way to relax, being on the phone with friends, spending time with them… How about everyone? What do you do to relax?

Q: Are there any plans for you to release a single? I really want to hear your song!

A: What kind words…TT Thank you so much. There’s no plans for it now lol, I would like to focus on my acting. I did sing some songs in Asobi Asobase, so please watch it it you like ^ ^

Q: Do you like milk? 🥛🐄 (Any particular milk you would like to recommend?)

A: Of course! I love milk ( *´艸`) I got plenty of questions regarding this. Recently I like the special rich milk from Megmilk snow brand 🥛which is really rich and delicious (*∩ω∩) Next time, I want to try to make milk gelato using this milk. ✨

Q: As Koko-chan was an actress before becoming a seiyuu, did that experience help you out?

Not just from a voicing viewpoint, but I was glad to be able to learn acting from scratch. I think these (feelings) will get transmitted to the viewers.

Q: Which seiyuu(s) do you look up to?

A: Ever since entering the seiyuu world, my path has been filled with wonderful seniors, so I can’t really single out anyone… I learn something new each time I go to the studios.

Q: Is your english terrible like Olivia and Kasumi (Asobi Asobase)?

Yes, that’s right lol, that’s my worst subject.  That’s why I will feel flustered when I get asked (about directions) at stations. But I want to learn conversational English one day. ✨

Q: What should we do if we encounter Kohara-san by chance in public?

A: I got called out before, and it made me happy. I would feel spooked if someone keeps staring at me, so just call me out normally ^ ^

Q: Do you use the air con?

A: I tried to resist using them, but I end up switching them on. (cries) I’m bad with the heat… Being able to circulate the air around plays a big part too. ✨

Q: What type of bread do you like 🍞?

A: Salted bread 🥐 I told my mum, “The person who came up with this is really amazing! (laughs)” and ate then. I bought a toaster recently, so I have been using that to toast some English muffins. ♫

Q: Is being a seiyuu fun?

A: I get to continue acting, met many wonderful people and fans, which made me feel happy. Also, I have always liked narration, so being able to do it now makes me happy. But I worry about (my) acting each time since there is no definitive answer in acting. (*∩ω∩) I will try my best!

Q: Please tell us your favourite places in Kawagoe!!

A: First will be Kumano shrine and Hikawa shrine! During this period, you get to hang your wishes on the wind chimes 🎐 so please visit if you can. ✨ Also, Hikawa bridge
(○´U`○) The list just goes on!!! I want to go back to see the wind chimes this year as well. ✨

*Photo credit: https://matcha-jp.com/cn/4685?type=news

Q: Have you gotten used to living alone?

Many people asked me this question ^ ^ Thank you. I have already gotten used to it ✨ Somehow I was able to do it. Sometimes, I’ll call my mum and brother on the phone. 📞 Even though I’m alone, It’s totally ok. (●´ー`●) Ah, that’s a lie! I actually feel lonely without Kuu around me (the name of her pet cat back at her parents’ home)

Q: Do you have any scent you like?

A warm smell ! I feel at ease since it smells like Kuu and make me feel at ease. Also, the smell of herb 🌿 I like natural scents over man-made scents.

Q: What’s your favourite animal?

Cats! I have one at my (parent’s) home!! Love♡ Kuu

Q: Do you do muscle training?

A: I have already turned 26, I think it’s about time I start soon (*∩ω∩) Stretching and massages are important too.

Q: What have you been drinking recently?

A: Barley tea! Perfect partner for the summer

Q: What was one recent touching moment?

I was moved by the words of the late Utamaru shishou*. I really like Shōten**, and I also admired him. He really led a cool life. His words were really cool, “Only us humans are capable of laughing”, “It is a special privilege only granted to us.”

**A long-running Japanese comedy show starring Utamaru.

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This Q&A was first published on 15 July 2018 on Instagram. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners.

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