Q&A with Kohara Konomi (13/7/18)

Kohara Konomi is a relatively new seiyuu, from Office Osawa, and bursted onto the scene as Akane from Tsuki ga Kirei. Recently, with Instagram stories having introduced a AMA (ask me anything) function, she answered questions from fans. This whole series is split into 4 parts, which I will upload separately.

1Q: What do you do if you can’t fall asleep?

A: It must be something on my mind that kept me awake  but I’ll still lie on my bed first. It’s usually only for that moment that I’ll keep awake lol.

Q: What anime are you watching now?

Asobi Asobase*, Hanebado!* for sure✨, also Hataraku Saibou (Cells at Work) , Satsuriku no Tenshi (Angels of Death) and Harukana Reshi-bu (Harukana Receive) to list a few. Oh, also Sazae-san and Chibi Maruko-chan.

*She has roles in both shows.

Q: How was the studio environment like for Asobi Asobase?

A: Basically a very lively environment (●´人`●) The staff are also happy having fun.✨ But the moment recording starts, the situation is like ‘Too noisy!’ lol.

Q: Which seiyuu did you get along well with recently?

A: Hmm, I guess Kino Hina-chan and Nagae Rika-chan lol. Both of them are really interesting! Lol

Q: What do you wanna do in summer?

A: Catch the fireworks! When I went to the fireworks festival last year, it was an adventure (recording) with the hero (Zucchi*) and the sunflower fields!

*Zucchi is the nickname for her ‘husband’, Ishigami Shizuka.

Q: A word for your ‘husband’, Ishigami Shizuka-san please!

A: Thank you always. I wanna meet you soon.

Q: ‘Radio Dottoai’* has broadcasted over 1 year now, what do you think has changed since?

A: I don’t think much has changed. But I’m definitely happy to have a place where I can talk. I love talking alone at my own pace and it makes me really touched and happy to read all these letters and comments.

Dottoai is a radio show mostly for new seiyuus to become radio personalities and they switch over to a different seiyuu after some time.

Q: What kind of life does Koko-chan* think Azumi and Akane-chan** lead now?

A: I think they are living a happy married life. Of course, together with benippo***
(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ The key word is an ordinary life. (By the way, this is off-topic, but since the anime was depicted in 2016, they will be the same age as my younger brother who’s in 2nd year of high school now)

*Koko-chan is Kohara Konomi’s nickname

**Akane is the female lead for Tsuki ga Kirei
***Benippo is a stuffed toy that appeared in Tsuki ga Kirei

Q: I like all the voices of the characters you played. Out of all the characters you played till now, who do you think resembles you the most?

A:  Thank you so much… I’m really happy to hear that TT *crying sounds.. This is a really difficult question lol. Maybe if you add Akane and Kukuri (Mahōjin Guru Guru) together and then divided them? Perhaps. But those 2 are really pure. Maybe I’m lacking those pure,pure feelings…. (laughs)

Q: Are you a spicy ramen person?

A: I’m not good with them. ゚(/□\*)゚I like them with just a little spiciness. For curry, I’m good with medium spiciness, I like something like Muji’s curry. Though if I eat green curry, the spice is so overwhelming that I can’t taste anything! (laughs)

Q: Can you tell us what you like about Zucchi?

A: Yes♡(laughs) Erm, but there’s only good points when it comes to her…since she’s my hubby. When my other friends meet Zucchi at other studios, they will go, “Ah, that’s Koko-chan’s husband!” lol I get lots of comments like this too.

Q: What do you do every summer?

A: Visiting the graves…(sorry for the uninteresting reply) But, I have a really good relationship with my relatives, and though I only meet my cousin 2-3 times in a year, we are really close. (○´U`○) That’s why I look forward to meeting them every time.

Q: Why did you aim to becoming a seiyuu?

A: Acting has always been my interest since grade school, the trigger came when my mum and sensei asked me, “why not be a seiyuu?” I actually wrote in detail on a Q&A previously, so please check it if you are interested ^  ^

Q: How many pierced earrings do you have?

A: I think about 30, including the ones I made. I love them. ✨

Q: Your favourite food?

A: Milk, meat, ginger fried pork set, pork miso soup, tomato, kimchi hotpot, whipped cream, white chocolate! (These are the ones that came to my mind for now lol)

Q: Where do you want to travel to? (Overseas too!)

A: Seems like many people asked this question (●´人`●) For now, I would want to travel within Japan. I want to visit Izumo-taisha in Shimane ✨ Also, Kyushu! Hot spring spa sounds good too. And raunches! 🐄🥛 As for overseas, I would say Canada’s Prince Edward Island as I’m a fan of the novel ‘Anne of Green Gables’.✨

Q: What was the reason for wanting to become an actor *?

A: Watching dramas, movies and stage plays gave me this goal, “I want to give my all into acting.” Although for now my main job is using my voice, if the chance comes,I want to try out all sorts of things! This feeling has not changed even now.

*Kohara was an actor previously before becoming a seiyuu.

Q: What made you want to join Office Osawa no matter what?

A: Before I took on the auditions, it was by chance that I was studying the on-site recording of Fairy Tail Zero. Both Noto Mamiko-san and Hanazawa Kana-san had roles in it, and they called out to a total stranger like me. Hanazawa-san offered me senbei*, and I had a conversation with Noto-san… It’s not really a big thing, but to me, it was a huge impetus for me. I went in with the thinking that I want to meet them again, so it was a really happy moment when I managed to join them.

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This Q&A was first published on 13 July 2018 on Instagram. All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners.

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