Letters from Ai #3

In the third part, Kayano takes us to several wonderful cafes (a pity Cafe Momi has already closed down). Do pay a visit CHUM APARTMENT and Phonic:Hoop if you visit Tokyo 🙂

Part 1 (2011)
Part 2 (2012)


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10 Questions with Kusunoki Tomori

10 Questions about Tomori
~ the first time ~

To commemorate Kusunoki Tomori’s first cover appearance, she will challenge 10 questions with ‘first‘ as a theme.

tomori 10 qns header

Q: Who is the first anime character you like?

Kusunoki: Tokyo Mew Mew’s Momomiya Ichigo! I like her straightforwardness and she makes everyone feel like she is ‘The Heroine‘. I was only about two when it was shown on TV, though I cannot remember much about it, looking back now that I’ve grown up, I really was drawn in by her cuteness.

Q: What is the first song you sang in front of people?

Kusunoki: I think it was for the opening act for a piano recital, where everyone had to sing in unison. For Karaoke, I sang the ending theme for Ojarumaru in front of my family. The title was……….I forgot it. Sorry!

Q: What is the first thing you admitted that you are bad at?

Kusunoki: I’m bad with confined places. A long time ago, I woke up and and couldn’t pull myself out of bed because I was wrapped up by the futon* (laughs), and caused me to panic for a while. Since then, I got a fear of being confined in places where I can’t move my body around. To think I love being inside the closet when I was a kid…….(laughs).

*Japanese-style mattress

Q: What is the first* memory that you still remember well now?

Kusunoki: There was once during meal time in kindergarten, when a friend tore off a small rounded piece from a bread and told me, “This is candy~”, and I actually bought into that. But I don’t really understand why such an incident continues to linger in my memories (laughs).

*Earliest is a better word for this context. I used ‘First’ to fit with the format.

Q: What was the first song you composed and wrote?

Kusunoki: It’s a summer love song I got to sing a number of times at lives, called ‘Nagame no Sora’* I wrote it last year just before summer. When I create a song, I will always start with writing the lyrics, followed by humming the melody to form the tune (laughs). Then, I’ll bring it to my voice training teacher and discuss the cords, before finishing up.

*Lit: The gazing sky

Q: What was the first live you went to?

Kusunoki: It was a Tegomass live which I went with my sister. It was during the first or second year of grade school. Under my sister’s influence, I got into Johnny’s* faster than the usual. On the other hand, as I progressed through the grades, just when my classmates started getting hooked on Johnny’s, I ended up pursuing other interests. I tend to get sidetracked when it came to my hobbies (laughs).

*Johnny’s is a popular male idol agency with many groups popular with school girls in Japan.

Q: What was your state of mind like when you got featured in a magazine for the first time?

Kusunoki: I flipped open the pages, and the moment the pictures caught my eye, I closed the magazine (laughs). “Ah, it’s me. Slams!” (laughs). The feeling of embarrassment overwhelmed happiness. “What should I do…..? I can’t let my family see this.” My family ended up reading the segment  more earnestly than me (laughs).

Q: What was your first surprise you experienced?

Kusunoki: I play a young magic apprentice in Märchen Mädchen, and when the broadcast ended, I was presented with a graduation certificate at an event as if to signify that my apprenticeship has ended. When I got on stage, suddenly my co-workers retreated back to the wings of the stage. I thought to myself, “Did something bad happen?”. Then, they came back with the certificate. That’s when i first learnt that when people are so shocked, tears don’t flow out even though they are moved by emotions (laughs).

Q: What did you buy with your first pay?

Kusunoki: Clothes and IPad. Oh and also an apple pencil. I bought it cause I wanted to draw, but I didn’t think that it would be so similar to drawing on paper so it felt great!

Q: What was the first film that made you cry?

Kusunoki: LIMIT OF LOVE umizaru. I watched it on TV when I was very young. As for when exactly, I can’t really remember, but I remembered bawling my eyes out when I watched it.

This interview was first published in the July edition of Seiyuu Grandprix. You can purchase it at Amazon.

Blog post from Yamashita Nanami

Editors’ forenote:

In truth, I really got to liking Wake up, Girls! only recently. You can call it a session of brainwash by all the videos that the community put up, by people around me, but I can’t deny the sadness from the abrupt news this morning.

I have never translated a blog before, but I wanted to do it even if it’s something small compared to the rest of the community.


Blog starts here

Thank you for your hard work this week, everyone!

Yamashita Nanami here.

Today, we had to deliver an important information.
From now until next year’s March, the 7 of us will run with all our strength.

I guess many people have already read about it but,
together with the comments from the official site,
the voices of the members of WUG,
I will publish them together along with my own thoughts.


To the fans who have always been supporting us

Thank you for always supporting the seiyuu unit 「Wake Up, Girls!」

Just the other day welcomed our 5th anniversary as a unit.
We could not have made it here without everyone’s support.
We say this from the bottom of our hearts.

Today, there’s an important news we have to let everyone know.

Seiyuu unit 「Wake Up, Girls!」will be disbanding in March 2019.

In the 5 years of time we had, we took part in many different activities,
when we talked about the future dreams of each of the members,
talked about it many times with everyone and the management staff,
It is decided that walking on separate ways would be better for the growth of the members, and that disbanding the unit was the decision made.

To all the fans who have supported us this far,
we want to reach you with our gratitude,
together with all the members and the staff,
we want to hold a FINAL TOUR fitting for everyone.

This way, we can welcome March 2019 in our Wake Up, Girls!’s style.

The WUG project will continue its development.
Also, the members will be continuing their individual activities as seiyuus,
so please continue to support them.

We will be counting on everyone’s support for 「Wake Up, Girls!」until the end.


Next, will be comments from the members.


Yoshioka Mayu

I’m really sorry for the sudden announcement.
Thankfully, we are able to perform lots of lives on our tour.
The 7 of us will present our best stage until the very end.
I can’t really put it down in words, so I’ll show my feelings on the stage.
Please let us return this kindness to everyone.

Eino Airi

To everyone who has been supporting us,
I’m really grateful. Thank you.
Sakura will blossom every year. No matter when, they will always stand out strongly, beautifully. They won’t give in to the rain nor wind.
I would be happy if we can make the sakura blossom together.

Tanaka Minami

WUG as a unit for the past 5 years, have received many important things.
From now on, each of us will walk on different journeys.
I’ll be happy if everyone can continue to support the WUG I love so much from now on.
Let’s give our first-rate smile and dash together until next year!

Aoyama Yoshino

Thank you for your continuous support.
To be able to make it so far,
was thanks to all of the WUGners,
as well the warm support from everyone.
For the sake of everyone who loves WUG, and for the me who loves WUG so much,
Let’s aim for the best goal!

Yamashita Nanami

Thank you to everyone who has supported WUG.
WUG have received overflowing courage from everyone.
For our precious FINAL TOUR, I wanna see it off with many smiles from everyone!
We will be happy if we can get this support.

Okuno Kaya

Thank you everyone, for believing and supporting WUG.
For me who came from Iwate, to be chosen as a member of the Wake Up, Girls! project,
the light inside of me will continue to glow,
no matter how the shape may change, I’ll still believe in the bright future ahead. Ganbappe.

Takagi Miyu

For Wake Up, Girls!, thanks to the support from all of the WUGners,
we were able to create a story together. That’s why it’ll be a blessing if we could get through the finale with the smiles of all 7 of us, together with the WUGners and everyone involved…♪

Beginning with the FINAL TOUR, I will look forward to the activities from now! Thank you for your support.


Thank you for reading.

Really thank you for the stage and Rakuten event.
Recently, we have been able to meet on continuous days,
I was able to see all the WUGners’ smiles more often than usual.
More than anything else, for being there for us, gave me overflowing love and goodness.
We really received so much support.

I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart.

The feelings I want to deliver to the WUGners as soon as the stage play ended,
I talked about it on All Night Nippon i.
I hope that it reached everyone…!

And then, after the stage play ended,
I got to see my grandma whom I’ve not met for a long time.
I’ll talk about this next week on next week’s blog!

In order to meet everyone here after 1 week,
I will do my best from tomorrow!!

Next week on the blog!! See you!!


This blog was first published on 15 June 2018 on WUG blog. All images and content you see here belong to their respective owners.

Atelier Reina snippets#1

It’s a well known fact that Takahashi Rie and Ueda Reina are best friends with each other, so when Rie turned up as a guest on Reina’s birthday edition of her radio show, she turned as red as a tomato.

Here is a sweet moment between them, when Reina asks Rie if it’s okay for her to call Rie as her number one.

P.S. i may not release any translations this week due to work schedule, so I figured that I’d make up by releasing a video.

Letters from Ai #2

In the second part of the series, while i was reading them, it felt like kayanomi* instead due to them being drinking related. Also the series of letters shows her growing interest in alcohol from the start of year to becoming a full fledged drinker by the end. Perhaps this was the catalyst for kayanomi?

In any case, enjoy the scans 🙂
Part 1 can be found here for those who missed it.

*Kayanomi is a regular drinking programme hosted by Kayano Ai which you can find on YouTube.





P.S special thanks to pyrite for the QC!

You can purchase this e-copy of Kayano Ai’s [Letters] at Amazon. As for the physical copy, your best bet are physical stores in Japan since this photobook was released in 2014.