Amamiya Sora’s “Ten” words

What are the 10 words that come to our mind when we think of Amamiya “Ten-chan” Sora? The January issue of Seiyuu Grandprix had a section where Amamiya Sora answered 10 words related to her.


On days I appear in events, I see many umbrellas…..
Of course I am not talking about just my events, but even for Trysail events surprisingly, It rains almost all the time.

Although there is this theory of me being a rain woman*, since it’s almost the same staffs that comes to our events, It isn’t impossible to say that one of them could be the rain man/woman instead – that is what I wanted to say but….the staff would just tell me that for there it doesn’t happen for the other 2 members of Trysail..
So I’ll just admit it, I’m a rainwoman! (laughs)

*someone who somehow manages to summon the rain


When the kanji series* began, I would always carry a Wordboy (e-pocket dictionary)
with me. I will use it to check up some kanji whenever I had time. Then as it
got more busy gradually, I had no choice but to give it up.

However, thanks to that serialization in ‘Seiyuu Grandprix’, It was possible for me
to take time to think about kanji seriously once a month. If not for that, I wouldn’t
have taken (nationwide) Grade 1 Kanji Test**. I was really grateful for that series.

*Amamiya Sora used to have a monthly series in Seiyuu Grandprix where she
introduces one kanji (word) and tells the story behind them back in 2014.
**Highest possible grade


Whenever I’m at work, my seniors and people at my workplace will always let me eat delicious food. In my life, I think I was able to enjoy the best meat I’ve eaten after becoming a Seiyuu.

In the end, I still love inexpensive meat. Of course I enjoy eating high quality meat, but as my stomach is rather weak, I get bloated easily. My favourite is still grilled meat that you get from those yakiniku-ya chain stores(grilled meat restaurant/shop)! (laughs)


The most impactful change I felt in myself these few years, was singing. I feel that I have come to learn and understand the form and style of my singing. Also thanks to Trysail, I was finally able to sing bright and cheerful songs, which I always had difficulty with (laughs). To say I am able to sing a more wide variety of songs may be a little too much, but compared to previously, I think I have less trouble with songs now.


I love the famous songs of the Shōwa Era. My favourite are those from the 70s to
early 80s, the melody those songs were really beautiful! They leave an impression
in your ears, moreover many of the songs had sad melodies. Also, I love how the
singers could convey their expressions and singing skills well.

I thought about why I love the songs from Shōwa era and this was what I settled down

*1926-1989 in Japan
Shōwa Period


I see dreams pretty often in my sleep. But I get uneasy dreams and nightmares more often, for example, rolling off the stairs and getting woken up by my own scream. I would scream loudly, and then feel relieved that It was only just a dream while crying..then I’ll go back to sleep (laughs).

I do get to see good dreams once in a while but no matter what happy dreams I get, I feel that nothing is better than the life I’m living now.

Long hair

I have always had long hair, to the point that maybe some people think that I have an
obsession over keeping this length, but in fact I do not have much preference when it comes to my hair. I just keep it long just because it’s easy for me.

“What is the best way to avoid having to groom my hair too often?” I considered that and concluded that long hair is the most ideal. Even when I fail to cut them, there’s many different possibilities for hair arrangement during photo shoots. Also, when I don’t brush out my hair, I don’t get exposed…..there’s that I guess (laughs).


Though I lived in Tokyo my whole life since I was born, but as everyone would know, I’m a sloppy unfeminine girl who doesn’t know the streets of Tokyo at all. When I started this
job and needed new clothes, Momo-san who was from Fukuoka (Asakura Momo) had to give me suggestions on where to shop in Shinjuku. I didn’t even know such shops exist (laughs).

“Well, I’m from Tokyo, there’s no special reason for me to make the effort to explore……”
– Maybe I can use this excuse..?


The simple voices everyday, for example when calling out to the shop staff with “suima-sen”*, or saying a simple thank you.. the frequency of being told that i have a nice voice has gradually increased since my debut. While admiring the work of Seiyuus and after becoming one myself, I always thought that my own voice is average and doesn’t really stand out. So for me to hear these compliments really made me very happy.

As i continue to work, I wonder if i can improve the way of how I talk, how i use my voice…etc.

*casual way of asking for someone (sumimasen)

Rest days

I am the type of person that doesn’t need rest days. It’s true that if you don’t get a break
at least once a month, you may feel choked up but, even if I get 2 off days in a week, I wouldn’t know what to do with them……I don’t have plans to go out so I end up reading game scripts in advance, maybe compensate for the usual lack of nutrition – It all ends up being work-related.

I hope that someday I will learn to make use of my rest days meaningfully.

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