150 questions with Minase Inori #3

headerFinally, the last 50 questions from Minase Inori’s 150 Q&A with Seiyuu Animedia.


Q: What children’s story did you like when you were young?
A: ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ *「はらぺこあおむし」

Q: What was your most anxious moment?
A: When i received the first tape which I appeared in. I remembered my fingers shaking as I pressed the rewind button.

Q: Describe your mum in a few words.
A: Intense, full of passion.

Q: How about your dad?
A: Big! When you see him, you will get the impression that he has a magnanimous character as well.

Q: What would you bring to an uninhabited island?
A: An empty suitcase. I will stuff it with many different objects and use it as a kick board to get back home.

Q: Which do you prefer, short or long distance?
A: Short distance. I could make up 50m in 7 seconds back in school.

Q: What happens when you drink alcoholic drinks?
A: I don’t think anything changes but maybe I start using interjections* more randomly.
*these are short replies used by a person to acknowledge the flow of the conversation. (e.g mm, sou ne, naruhodo.. etc)

Q: What’s your high score in bowling?
A: 120. I average around 101~.

Q: Are you the cautious or daring type?
A: If i had to say, maybe daring?

Q: What do you do on days you have nothing planned for?
A: I go for a walk. And also maybe laze around in a bathhouse.

Q: What was the first accessory you bought for yourself?
A: When I was a kid, I think I bought a sparkly bracelet as well as a big star ring.

Q: Which are you better at, Math or English?
A: If I have to pick one, I’d say English.

Q: If you were to pick up a skill now, what would you want to learn?
A: Caligraphy. I want to be able to write more nicely.

Q: What news caught your attention recently?
A: A 3rd year grade school kid created a computer virus just to surprise his friends. I was really shocked, it felt like something that came out of an Anime!

Q: What’s the highest point you’ve been to?
A: Tokyo Sky Tree, Takao-san, Taipei 101……I love to go to high places!

Q: What changed the most after you turned 20?
A: Maybe my face? It could be also due to my stylist that people tell me I look grown-up more often now.

Q: Fortune telling or Magic?
A: Fortune telling. You don’t need any tools for fortune telling. Besides, it can be a really good conversation tool.

Q: Please tell me about the good points of the voice acting industry.
A: When you stand before the mic, the senior/junior barrier is broken and everyone is part of the team.

Q: What would you do if someone suddenly tells you a gag/one-liner at the closing party (celebration for completion of a project)
A: Go back home immediately. (laughs)**probably a joke in response

Q: Who is Japan’s superstar now?
A: Hanyu Yuzuru (figure skater). I really respect his expressive nature.

Q: Where would you want to travel with your family?
A: Laze around in an Onsen ♪

Q: What type of challenge do you want to attempt in the future for work?
A: Narration, and work that requires me to read out loudly and clearly as naturally as possible in relation to the script.

Q: Who do you often confide in?
A: A friend within the industry. ….I think you guys probably would know who that is. (laughs)

Q: Whats your image of a “grown up lady”?
A: Those who can be naturally considerate about their surroundings or people.

Q: What were some popular activity back in grade school?
A: Uni-cycling and roller blading.

Q: What are you currently collecting?
A: I was collecting stickers in grade school. Puffy and decorative stickers were really popular back then, we also brought them around in a thick folder to display them.

Q: Favourite fruit(s)?
A: Grapefruit, pineapple, mango, mandarin oranges etc… I think i really like yellowish to orange-ish fruits.

Q: Are you the methodical type?
A: I am not the type who would say, “I definitely must do it this way!”, so I guess not.

Q: What was the most adventurous thing you have done?
A: When I was in grade school, my friends and I had a competition to see how far we can cycle to. I couldn’t get back home, and I cried so badly when my parents went to find me.

Q: Favourite sushi?
A: Red sea bream.

Q: What’s the first cake that comes to your mind?
A: Ice cream cake.

Q: What do you use at home to watch the video recording?
A: Portable DVD player.

Q: What do you enjoy doing recently?
A: Making a compilation of all the off-shots from the photo shoot sessions and adding music to them to make them look like behind the scenes footage.

Q: If you could part-time at any place in the world just for a day, where?
A: “The land of dreams”!*

Q: Are you the type that does homework as soon as the summer holidays start, or are you the last minute dasher?
A: At the very last moment. I wrote 1 entire month worth of summer diary in 1 day. (laughs)

Q: What’s your favourite Chinese dish?
A: Stir-fried pepper steak.

Q: How often do you go to the salon?
A: I would love to go once a month but recently it was about 2 times every 3 months.

Q: Do you believe in fate?
A: Absolutely!

Q: What gets you through hectic days?
A: Play. I go to concerts of my favourite artistes, break away from the hustle & bustle of everyday and make time for myself to unwind and enjoy.

Q: Whose concert did you watch recently?
A: I enjoyed TWICE’s live DVD recently. The dance formations from all 9 of them were really cute!

Q: What was a challenging role you had to take on recently?
A: There was this game I had to voice a sexy character! I had to use a lower voice compared to my usual to say out the lines, ” ~ Give . It . To . You ❤.”. Lines like that would make my fans burst out in laughter.

Q: What was the turning point in your life?
A: 2/12/2015. I turned 20 that day, and it was also the day of my solo debut.

Q: How about a comment for the 150th issue of Seiyuu Animedia?
A: Please leave the cover page of #1202 (my birthday) issue to me!

Q: What do you do when you are getting a hair cut?
A: Online shopping on my phone, read some magazines & talk to the hairdresser.

Q: At which point was your hair length the longest?
A: When I was in my 1st year of high school. It reached the top of waist if I remembered correctly.

Q: What’s the scariest thing in the world?
A: It has to be humans, right? (laughs)

Q: What do you want to study now?
A: I wanna take a term off to get retry for the World Heritage Certification test.

Q: What is on the top of you mind during  auditions?
A: Reply loudly and clearly!

Q: What’s the happiest season?
A: I always liked winter but for some reason I end up becoming a summer-person here.

Q: Do you believe in aliens?
A: They definitely exist!

This interview was published on the 5th issue of 2018’s edition of Seiyuu Animedia. It can be purchased from Amazon as usual.

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