150 questions with Minase Inori #2

headerContinuing from the last post, this is part 2 of Minase Inori’s 150 questions. You can re-read the 1st 50 questions here.


Q: If you could turn back time, what age do you want to return to, and what do you wish to do?
A: I would go back to my grade school days, apply sunscreen and make myself look lighter. (laughs)

Q: What is a recent happy memory?
A: When i was making my album. It was really satisfying seeing the album being built up gradually ♪

Q: What exercise would you want to take up now?
A: Yoga.

Q: What events did you like back in school?
A: Concerts. I loved swing my arms wildy and hit the conga*. (laughs)
*percussion instrument

Q: What beverage do you drink after recording sessions?
A: Water, hot water.

Q: What’s the best alcoholic drink you had?
A: Sparkling Japanese sake.

Q: Restaurant or Izakaya (Japanese styled bar) for first dates?
A: I would like to talk openly without reservations so i guess Izakaya!

Q: How do you choose your outfits?
A: It depends on the inspiration i get on that day. Sometimes, I will just go, “I wanna wear this!”.

Q: What gets you fired up unknowingly?
A: Online battle games!

Q: What’s the best way to treat a cold?
A: First, I’ll sleep. Then, I’ll eat some spring onions. Sometimes I’ll also put some
finely chopped onions beside my pillow as I sleep.

Q: What’s a must when you are travelling long distances?
A: My phone, slippers & neck-pillow.

Q: First thing you do when you get home?
A: Head straight to the bath while still carrying my bag.

Q: Tell me one sportsperson you know.
A: Ichiro san*. Being able to compete overseas for so long.. really amazing!
*Professional Baseball player

Q: What dreams do you see often?
A: I often dream of the ceiling closing down on me when I’m tired.

Q: What’s on your desk at home?
A: Pen holder, a box that has things like plasters and lipsticks, supplements.

Q: What do you carry around for taking notes?
A: I used to carry around a pen case with lots of my favourite pens, but it somehow got lost. Due to the shock of losing them, now i will just bring along a 3 in 1 pen.

Q: What shellfish do you like?
A: Mentaiko, grilled fish roe.

Q: Cold or hot weather?
A: It’s not so much about the temperature, but when it gets really cold, I hate it when my fingers get frostbitten.

Q: What do you want to do this summer?
A: (eat) Flowing noodles *Nagashi Soumen, a popular dish in summer

Q: What housework are you particularly good at?
A: Cleaning the washroom.

Q: If you were to open a store, what kind?
A: Accessories.. and small items.

Q: Which street would you want to live one day?
A: Colmar, France from the anime, “Gochuumon wa usagi desuka?” (Is the order a rabbit?)

Q: What movie genre do you like?
A: Musicals & music-inspired movies. I watched “The Greatest Showman” twice already!

Q: What is one food you will not eat no matter what?
A: Tomato. I won’t eat them even if someone gives me money to. (laughs)

Q: What was the first anime that influenced you?
A: “Sailor Moon”. I got so absorbed that I was cheering on as though I’m part of them.

Q: What do you look for in a marriage partner, Talent or Character?
A: Character.

Q: How would you describe your character?
A: I’d say I’m like a small dog. Cautious around people at first, but once I take a liking to you, I will be very attached to you.

Q: What would you make your kids learn?
A: If it’s a boy, football (soccer). If it’s a girl, then ballet. Since I am not flexible (referring to her own body), I would like to nurture my kids to have qualities I cannot have.

Q: How long do you need to get out of the house after waking up?
A: About 30 minutes. I always play it to the absolute last minute to wake up and get out though. (laughs)

Q: Favourite accessory?
A: Earrings. Recently I let my hair grow out a little, so I started using scrunchies(hair tie).

Q: What type of place you frequent when you eat outdoors?
A: Usually those places that offer set meals.

Q: Shower-person or Bath-person?
A: I go straight to the bath after coming home, but i usually finish off with a shower..

Q: If you could be reborn, what would you wanna become?
A: I want to become a skyscraper or any high structure. (tl note: what???)

Q: Most calming place in the world?
A: Right underneath the futon*.
*Japanese-styled mattress

Q: What’s the most peaceful moment in a day?
A: When I’m sleeping.

Q: What would really be a troublesome thing to lose now?
A: My eyelashes! Recently they have been falling off easily, so I always check them when
I wake up. (could be eyelashes attachment? I am not sure on this since I don’t use them)

Q: If you were a guy for just 1 day, what would you want to do?
A: I would earnestly shower a lady with affection. (laughs)

Q: What is in your mind during photoshoots?
A: I always keep a lookout for the staff’s reactions. I feel relieved when they say, “This is a good feel”.

Q: What do you usually end up taking photos of?
A: Fashionable dishes. When I see something ‘instagrammable’, I can’t help but take photos of them. (laughs)

Q: What’s the main colour of your room?
A: There’s not really a main colour, but I’d say the first colours you see are calming colours like white and light brown.

Q: What do you do when you get a 1 hour break in between work?
A: If the next place is a little far, I’d walk there. Or I’ll just go to some cafe to chill.

Q: How do you kill time in a departmental store?
A: I’ll go to the cosmetics & general section. I also like looking at the colourful stationery, lined up side by side, such as binders & files.

Q: Tell me the first trait that comes to your mind for people with blood type B.
A: Fickle-minded.

Q: What was the last thing that irritated you?
A: While trying to sort out photos I want to delete, I ended mixing up the folders and I got angry with myself with my carelessness.

Q: Favourite attraction in theme parks?
A: Merry-Go-Round.

Q: What type of girl do you have the image of “Girl power”?
A: People who sit down and immediately place their handkerchiefs on their laps.

Q: Which celebrity did you take interest in recently?
A: Yoshioka Riho san. She has this charm & girl-next-door feel that makes her very likeable.

Q: How long do you wish to sleep everyday?
A: About 6 hours is fine.

Q: What food can you eat for 1 whole week without getting sick of?
A: Ramen. I’ll eat it whether in daytime or nighttime.

Q: What red coloured food comes to your mind?
A: Apples.

This interview was published on the 5th issue of 2018’s edition of Seiyuu Animedia. It can be purchased from Amazon as usual.


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