150 questions with Minase Inori

headerTo commemorate Minase Inori’s 1st Blu-ray live release, Seiyuu Animedia conducted a 150 Q&A with her. I will be translating them in 50 question batches, so do check back later for part 2&3!

Q: What do you always end up buying at convenience stalls?
A: Drinks & Yogurt.

Q: What have you eaten recently that really impressed you?
A: A roll cake I received during a photo shoot. It was so tasty & amazing that i was surprised to hear that it was actually bought from a convenience stall!

Q: What do you buy from a food cart at the festival?
A: Candy-coated plum.

Q: Favourite noodle dish?
A: Ramen! The thicker the soup, the better it is, also i treat myself to Ramen whenever I had a really tiring day.

Q: When did you get your first handphone?
A: It was mid-way through grade school that i got .. a kids phone. (toy)

Q: What language would you want to learn?
A: It has to be english. It would be helpful for interviews during work, and when i travel
overseas to meet the fans. It will be great if i could talk to the fans.

Q: What is one item from the school lunch menu you like?
A: Fried bun topped with sugar. Also, i will mix in the excess sugar into milk, and drink it like that! (laughs)

Q: What do you always have in your bag?
A: Phone, Spare battery for my digital camera, and powerbank.

Q: What’s the best side dish for meals?
A: Mentaiko flavoured seaweed. Of course rice is the main dish.

Q: What was something you worked very hard for recently?
A: When i was recording for my 2nd album!

Q: What do you look out for when it comes to beauty care?
A: Skincare. I will always use what the beautician recommended (lotion,foundation,oil etc) even if it is expensive.

Q: What fashion item did you buy recently?
A: Pierced earrings.

Q: Which is the best card game (trump) you play?
A: I’m bad at those with speed involved, so i guess “Sevens”? (https://www.pagat.com/layout/sevens.html#introduction)

Q: Where would you like to travel to? (overseas)
A: Hawaii.

Q: Which car would you want to buy?
A: (Volkswagen) Beetle. Because Professor Agasa (Detective Conan) rides in one. (laughs) As for the colour, I’d say light blue.

Q: What kind of sweets did you like when you were young?
A: Beads-shaped, peach-flavoured Ramune. (Soda pop candy)

Q: Favourite beef dish?
A: Medium Steak.

Q: Which music instrument would you like to learn?
A: Violin. I wonder how long do I need to practice until I became decent on it though.

Q: What is a must-do before sleeping?
A: I have to stretch out my body like how you push off the blocks while swimming.

Q: First thing you do when you wake up?
A: Check the train schedule and timing.

Q: What sport are you good at?
A: Badminton? Not at the speed where they play at tournament though. (laughs)

Q: What’s the tourist spot that comes to your mind when we talk about Tokyo?
A: Asakusa! Kaminarimon & Senso-ji. I had also gone there during nighttime after the shutters have closed at Nakamise street to take some photos.

Q: What’s the one food that must be inside your Bento?
A: Spinach.

Q: What application do you use the most on your phone?
A: Line. I reply reasonably fast.. I think.

Q: One egg dish you are confident of making?
A: Scrambled eggs.

Q: What’s your best memory of an excursion in grade school?
A: It was some place that looked like a science technology lab.

Q: Spa or Massage?
A: Massage! Especially traditional thai massage where they step on your back, and also the part where they twist your neck – I really enjoy that.

Q: What animal would you try to keep?
A: After knowing there is actually a local tax for giant isopods, I became interested if I can really keep them!

Q: When are the moments that made you feel “I was glad to be a woman”
A: Even when i do things a little sloppily, People overlook them cause they think I’m a little boyish. (laughs)

Q: What is one item you have been using for the longest time?
A: I still use that short beige-coloured pen from grade 6.

Q: Use one phrase to promote your favourite theme park.
A: Close your eyes and be taken to a dreamland.

Q: What living thing are you absolutely bad with?

Q: Longest time on the phone?
A: About 4.5 to 5 hours. I was actually online gaming with Muranaka Tomo chan and voice-chatting with her. (laughs)

Q: Best way to reduce stress?
A: Go out. I get a lot of work so on my off-days I like to take a walk, or just
get on a bus, to just look at the outdoor scenery.

Q: Would you want your kids to be a Seiyuu?
A: Well….. I guess I wouldn’t go against their decision, but I don’t think i will fully support
them as well. Let’s put aside this question for now. (laughs)

Q: Who would you like to meet some day.
A: Matsuko Deluxe san. I just want to dive in and hug him. ♪

Q: What image do you have of your fans?
A: Because I am quite free spirited and light hearted, so I think my fans are people who do not get swayed or moved easily, and people who possess big hearts. (laughs)

Q: What spicy dish(es) do you like?
A: Chinese-styled hotpot (probably szechuan base) & Moko Tanmen (Mongolian Soup Noodles).

Q: Favourite scent?
A: I like the scent of the apricot-smell shampoo that I’m using now.

Q: Western or Traditional Japanese confectionery?
A: Traditional Japanese Confectionery. Actually, I prefer cakes so i guess somewhere in the middle.

Q: What would you want to be able to cook?
A: Stuffed peppers and Stir-fried pepper steak. I really like the combination of bell peppers + meat!

Q: Favourite fish dish?
A: Fresh grilled fish. Squeeze some lemon over it and it’s perfect!

Q: What is a must-order at a yakiniku-ya? (store that serves grilled meat)
A: Tongue. I can just eat grilled tongue and nothing else. (laughs)

Q: If ghosts exist, would you like to meet one?
A: I think I’ll probably scare them off if I ever meet them, so i guess meeting a ghost is ok!

Q: What type of new product catches your attention?
A: I’m poorly informed when it comes to this, so I tend to be unaware. (laughs)

Q: Outer space or the deep sea?
A: Deep sea. I really want to dive in myself!

Q: How about any habits you have?
A: I often clasp my hands together and stretch out my fingers.

Q: What would you say when you see yourself in a magazine spread?
A: “Thank you for choosing such a wonderful photo of me!”

Q: What type of mum would you want to be?
A: I would like to be a plucky mother (over a slightly “mama” image)

Q: Are you a notebook or smartphone person when it comes to managing schedules?
A: Smartphones. I use the calendar app to check on my schedules and it’s really easy
since i can categorize them with different colours.


This interview was published on the 5th issue of 2018’s edition of Seiyuu Animedia. It can be purchased from Amazon as usual.

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