Saya – Sora Wo Miagete



深夜零時の地平線  広がる世界は
The never-ending reaches of the world, at the horizon of the midnight (sky)
Today has been dazzling

鼻の奥がツンとした  きれいできれいで
“It’s so beautiful, so beautiful.”, as i looked up ahead
So much that my chest starts to hurt.

People who have gotten all they could have wanted
Told me, ” There is no meaning ” repeatedly

宇宙「そら」から届く光    逆さまの星空を見上げて
While looking at the inverted starry night sky, the light that reached me
This is where we start

Getting lost, leaving something behind
探しにいくんだ    見果てぬ世界を
I’m going to look for the world i have never seen
勇気出して    進んでいこう
Let’s bring out the courage, and keep moving on!

Whether I can find the answer I am looking for, I don’t know
It is still scary even now (to think of it)

At a place even further than the universe (sky)
Looking over at the pure white world
This is where we start

Face forward
There are no such things such as mistakes
I’ll say it out
この思いが 勇気出して
This feeling brings out the courage in me
Let’s keep moving!


One of the best things about yorimoi was the snippets of lessons planted in each episode, and the insert songs bring out the feels in each one. I thought that this song related to the girls’ experiences as they struggled with their own issues and try to move on with their lives, dreams.
P.S: This is my 1st time translating a song, so i had to apply some of my own thoughts on some portion, do pm me if you feel there should be a better wording for it.



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