Furukawa Makoto and Suzuki Ryota’s dialogue


Kohara-chan might have been a huge part of it

──Let’s talk about the anime. The production for season 2 (S2) was announced back in October. So how about the both of you? When did you first find out?

Furukawa: The last episode for S1 aired in March, so I guess  2-3 months after that? We found out about it then.

──Furukawa-san, you also mentioned at last year’s AnimeJapan 2019’s stage event that “you feel like you will probably see your fellow cast members again.”.

Furukawa: I’m glad my hunch was on the mark. There were still many episodes that I wanted to do, then when I thought about the pace at which the anime is being adapted from the manga, it heightened my expectation of seeing the Sports Festival being adapted as a major event. I was delighted and excited to see what would happen next.

Suzuki: I was overjoyed to see an increased interest in the work since S1. When production for S2 was green lit, I was really curious (about which arc the anime would cover until). I can’t say much, but just like Furukawa-san, I’m looking forward to the Sports Festival because of how it enabled me to re-immerse myself into Ishigami’s character.

Furukawa: There were talks on whether recordings would begin in 2019, and although recordings have started now, I was really eager to start working when production was confirmed then.

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Furukawa Makoto and Suzuki Ryota want to make cookies.


The 2nd season for the TV anime, Kaguya-sama: Love is War, based on Akasaka Aka’s manga will start airing from April. Comic Natalie who has brought us interviews with Akasaka and the cast members, presents the 3rd interview in the series in conjunction with White Day, a special feature with Shirogane Miyuki’s voice actor, Furukawa Makoto and Ishigami Yuu’s voice actor, Suzuki Ryota. Let’s take a look at the creations of both of them who do not usually cook.

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New Life, New Start


Don’t blame it on age. Kobayashi Yūsuke, a former company employee who debuted late as a voice actor, realized the reality of life.

A new career, a new place…  When trying out something new, hardship and struggles are sure to follow. However, hope lies ahead. In this serialization 「NewLife – New start」, sponsored by Art Moving Center, we cover the activities of individuals who are working in a new environment. For the 14th edition, we have the voice actor, Kobayashi Yūsuke.

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Star Twinkle PreCure

koko precure

And so a year is over in the blink of an eye.
It made me think of my involvement in StarPre.
Although it’s the same for any other series, it’s really sad when it ends.
During the radio, Eitaso passed a remark:
“I won’t be able to meet Koko-chan every week once StarPre is over”
I was really happy that she shared the same feeling as me.

During the recordings, we would often go back together. The whole time, she was just like Hikaru.

Although she must have been busy with her activities with Dempagumi, she never once showed fatigue on her face, only a face full of smiles. She always sat beside me during recordings and events and her smiling profile left a lasting impression.

I always felt an overwhelming love radiating out from her.

Actually, this has been on my mind since StarPre started…
In the story, Lala came from another world and all that time, she was being safeguarded by an always smiling Hikaru. That to me, was just like Eitaso, who came from the idol world and always stayed by my side while I tried my best.

Guruguru was a work that mirrored StarPre for me. Back then, I haven’t gotten accustomed to anime and Zucchi always encouraged me with her usual “Don’t worry, you
will be fine.” “There will be a person for you to offer those words one day.” The day I met Eitaso, “This time, it’s my turn to give!” I thought to myself.

And so, I carried that feeling with me throughout this one year.

I’m glad that this has turned out to be a work that I will miss.
It has become my treasure.

Needless to say, I will enjoy the Thanksgiving Festival, and to everyone who has supported us, as well as the staff members who have been with us throughout this journey, I want to give back with all my heart and soul.

I wanted to say this here since today is PreCure day♫

PreCure will continue on!
Please continue to support the PreCure series from now on lun

This Q&A was first published on 1 February 2020 on Instagram.  All images and videos you see here belong to their respective owners.